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    Tina moved around the kitchen filling the dishwasher, she’d been baking most of the afternoon in an effort to calm her nerves. It hadn’t helped. Not the same way it normally did. She found her mind was still working overtime. She could still hear Eric’s words in her head “you say anything and I will make sure you never work again.” She believed him.

    “What’s on your mind?”

    Tina turned at Bette’s voice, she was wearing her glasses, her expensive shirt sleeves rolled up, her hair a mess from her running her finger through it. She’d been working at Tina’s desk in the corner for hours.

    “Nothing…” Tina said softly

    Bette knew at once that wasn’t true.

    “Something is,” Bette said as she leant herself against the counter.

    “B, please,” Tina said, gently.

    “Okay,” Bette just looked at her, “I’m overstepping aren’t I?”

    “Yes,” Tina whispered.

    “I’m sorry, I want to protect you,”

    Tina laughed softly.

    “I don’t need a protect, I need a partner.” Tina said softly. Shaking her head. she leant herself against the other counter. She just took in Bette. “You’re very forward, like most men are in this industry. I fucking hate Hollywood right now. I’m in a gossip magazine and websites because of the bruising on my arms, that was caused by a man who is ready to ruin me,”

    “Why do you keep saying he is going to ruin you?” Bette asked, she was worried now.

    “I think his words were “if you say anything you will never work in this town again,’” Tina hung her head as she spoke.

    “The little fucker,” Bette muttered.

    “He can ruin me Bette, I need to work, I want to work. there are stories out there that need to be told, I’m a storyteller. I love the work I do, I’ve just had the biggest role of my career so far and I don’t want that to be the last role I get, he…”

    “He is nothing.” Bette replied. “He is lawyer who can’t get a job right now.”


    “Trust me, I won’t let him destroy you,” Bette said softly.

    “You can’t stop him,”

    “You underestimate me,” Bette replied.

    Tina shook her head,

    “I really fucking hate this business,” Tina said throwing her arms up. “In no other businesses would it be okay for a man to do what Eric did to me, no one came to my rescue until you did. i just want to still have a career,”

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    1. I believe that Tina is warming to a relationship with Bette. Just this job in New York may make things more difficult for her. But it is only for 6 months. And they have not started seeing each other very much so far. Perhaps dinner tonight and the weekend will bring the two together to start this relationship off. Eight performances per week is going to be a very busy schedule. Tina will not have much free time, perhaps only one day off per week. Bette needs to be aware of Tina’s work schedule so she can time her visit (s) accordingly. I foresee a strong and loving relationship for these two.

      Thanks for the chapter…. Happy New Year.

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