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    Montclair, VA- October 24, 2009- Saturday Afternoon Cont.

    As she pulled the black SUV into the long driveway, Tina glanced at the house…well, the term ‘mansion’ would be more befitting to describe it. The back of the light gray manor was slightly hidden due to the autumn colored trees, but it added a sense of comfort to the blonde. The double doors, that were once white, were painted a polished black. Four white pillars were precisely separated from one another as perfectly trimmed bushes gathered in front of them.

    The blonde smiled to herself as she shut off the engine of The Cougar. She walked up the little two steps to reach the front door when they swung open to reveal Grayson with two steaming cups of coffee, each detailed with a tiny peppermint stick emerging from the top.

    “I know that first class is supposed to be comfier than business, but it is not more comfy than a bed.” The gray-haired man responded shrugging his shoulders. “So, I decided to make the best coffee that you ever had.”

    Tina smiled as she reached for the warm mug. “I did miss your world class coffee.”

    “Of course you did, darling. Now come in before leaves start to gather in my foyer,” Grayson said as he ushered the blonde into the manor.

    As she stepped inside, Tina looked around trying to see what was different since the last time she was there. “You got a new chandelier?”

    Grayson smiled as he looked up. “Yeah, I wanted more light when you walked in. So, why not?”

    “I can’t argue with that logic,” the blonde said looking up. “I’m surprised you never installed any stained glass.”

    “I have been thinking about it,” the older agent replied as he led Tina into the kitchen. “I made some sandwiches. I figured you would be hungry.”

    “I’m starved,” Tina answered sitting on the stool near the island.

    “Good. It is your favorite.”

    The blonde smiled as she bit into it. “You’re right. It is my favorite.”

    Grayson smiled as he leaned against the counter. “You seem… a bit on edge. I caught it right when you got off the elevator this morning.”

    Tina nodded slightly, “you could say that. But you aren’t supposed to profile me. We have a rule.”

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    1. Thanks for the post. Really enjoyed the insight into Tina’s FBI life.
      Must admit to being surprised by Jenny’s reappearance and a little annoyed, I so hate her and need her dealt with :-)

      Look forward to next week’s post, have a great week

      • Thank you! I figured if I was going to continue this story (not sure how long it will be), I needed to add some personality (and Tina’s bond to them) into the new characters that hopefully many will like.

        Ehh… I had to throw her in just to shake some things up a bit.

        Have a great week as well and thank you for the review!

    2. I hate Jenny, never liked her, it is something in her eyes i don’t like.

      Poor Bette, she has a lot to endure, Tina’s secret life, Jenny who threat to show a video that can harm her life with her Tina and Angie. But Tina is a profiler and works in the movie industrie and is able to see that the video isn’t what is shows. Bette must tell Tina asap.

      It must be very confusing for Bette to hear Angie talk about her other aunts and cousins, how was she able to never talk about it with Bette, she can hold a secret very good for so young age.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • I think if we ever loved anyone and we find out they aren’t exactly who we thought they were, it would absolutely be difficult to handle.

        As for Angie, at least due to my experience, young children don’t necessarily know how what they are saying affects other people. I think if Tina said something along the lines of not wanting Mama B to know about it, the little girl wouldn’t completely understand but would simply shrug her shoulders and go along with it. Especially if nobody mentions it.

        Thanks for the review!

    3. Just read your story, it’s different and I like it a lot !

      I understand the reasons why Tina didn’t tell Bette about her past but boy would I feel so betrayed if I was in Bette’s shoes !

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