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    Tina opened her eyes when she felt Bette get back into bed beside her, she rolled over and smiled when she saw Bette holding Xavier and a bottle.

    “Hey, little man mommy is awake do you want her too feed you?” Bette used her baby voice and Xavier was following his mother’s voice.

    “I would love too,” Tina said sitting up and making herself comfortable in her pillows.

    Bette slowly moved Xavier over to Tina and once he was settled, she passed Tina the bottle. Tina smiled down at him.

    “What would you like for breakfast?” Bette asked,

    “Anything is fine,” Tina responded. She was lost in watching her son feeding.

    Bette took them in, she picked up her cell phone and decided to take a couple of photos. Sending one to Kit, who had been a great support to Bette emotionally she had been very reliant on her sister.

    “Pancakes and fruit?” Bette asked, as she slowly got up again.

    “You don’t have to spoil me,” Tina replied as moved Xavier to wind him.

    “I’m not spoiling you, I’m making you breakfast babe,”

    Tina looked at her and smiled softly,

    “Thank you, B, really.” Tina smiled.

    Bette lent over and kissed her wife’s forehead.

    “If I was spoiling you it wouldn’t be pancakes and you know it,” Bette winked as she walked out of the room making Tina blush slightly.

    Tina finished feeding Xavier, she then got up and took him to get dress. Dressing him in a cute shirt and jeans. She sat him in his bonce chair while she got dressed. Putting on cargo pants and a long-sleeved tee-shirt. Tina made her way downstairs putting Xavier into his play area, where he started to try and grip his toy keys. Tina stood watching him.

    “He looks good,” Bette said,

    “I thought I’d dress him,”

    “Like his mommy he looks good,”

    Tina smiled at her wife’s words before sitting down at the table next to the play area. Bette moved around the kitchen. Tina noticed the mail, and picked up the one from the family counts,

    “What’s this?” She held up the open envelope.

    “Agh that came yesterday, it’s me formally adopting Xavier.”

    “Your name is on his birth certificate,” Tina said slowly, smiling at the piece of paper she pulled out.

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    1. I’m glad that Tina spoke up about the party. Spending her birthday with Bette and Xavier is a much better plan. Such a positive step that she was talking with health care staff and dressing Xavier. Seems like such a small thing but it is really significant. She is present and involved. They can celebrate as a family: Tina’s 30th birthday, her being home for a pretty successful weekend, the adoption going through, Xavier’s continued progress – all major milestones. Bette really deserves to feel good and proud and celebrate as well. It is official forever and always. So glad she has Kit. Really nice update!

    2. You are spoiling us with another chapter! Thank you!

      With this chapter i can start my night shifts on a positive note.

      It’s good that Tina is feeling positive, that’s progress! She isn’t ready for a full house and that’s ok.

      Ok, going to start my night shift!

      Have a good weekend!

    3. “Agh that came yesterday, it’s me formally adopting Xavier.” “Your name is on his birth certificate,” Tina said slowly, smiling at the piece of paper she pulled out.“

      This is confusing. Yes, it takes several weeks for a birth certificate to be certified and sent out. But a birth certificate alone gives Bette no legal standing and does not equal adoption. Bette’s name would most assuredly have been on the birth certificate paperwork completed by the hospital as the other parent when Xavier was born. She has been his primary caregiver and most likely legal guardian with Tina being hospitalized. The birth certificate is a formality. I assumed Bette was also going through the second parent adoption process as she had a lawyer. This requires a court appearance and home visits by social workers. Tina would have to attend the adoption hearing and give her formal consent. Perhaps someone came to the hospital to take her deposition? Not sure that would be legal. In chapter 54 you mentioned a social worker and Bette seeing a lawyer so I assumed she was doing the second parent adoption. To guarantee parental rights are protected across the country, same-sex partners must go through with second-parent adoptions, even if they’re married and both their names are on the birth certificate. Has anyone from the court spoken to Tina? To my mind if Bette needed a lawyer and there was a home visit then she must be also going through the second parent adoption. I know Tina is the primary focus of your story. As such, sometimes Bette gets kind of lost. I think that acknowledging Bette as Xavier’s legal parent as well as Tina’s involvement in that process is an important part of the story yet this all remains somewhat of a mystery.

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