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    Saturday Morning Breakfast

    Angie sat in the back of the car, texting. She had been since they had left Hannah’s Bette shook her head as she knew it was Hannah she was texting. Xavier was reading a book about a computer programme he wanted that would help him with his game designs and Tina was sat, her eyes closed behind her sun glasses trying to get a little more sleep as she’d had a terrible night and had been awake since 3am. Bette sat in the traffic, hoping they would make it the block or so to the Planet. Bette was tapping her fingers on the steering wheel,

    “Babe,” Tina said softly


    “Please stop tapping,” Tina asked softly.

    “Sorry honey,” Bette stopped and looked over at her wife. “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah I was in the studio at 3am,”

    “Couldn’t sleep?”

    “My body decided I had to be awake and thinking about stuff I could do on Monday,”

    “But you’ve done this morning?”

    “Yep. Anyone would think I run my studio out of sync.”

    “You do,” Bette laughed softly.

    “I’ll just have to have a nap when we get home.”

    “That’s what old age does to you,”

    “Did you just call me old Porter?” Tina turned her head to her wife, who was smiling softly.

    “No babe, it’s just twenty years ago when you didn’t sleep well you didn’t take a nap,”

    “Twenty years ago I didn’t understand what was happening to me,” Tina admitted


    “Mama,” Angie said

    “Yea Ang,”

    “If Mom wants to nap you should let her,”

    “I wasn’t going to stop her napping,” Bette replied.

    “Oh okay,” Angie went back to her phone.

    “How am I the bad guy here?” Bette asked as the traffic moved an inch forward.

    “You’re not,” Tina placed her hand onto her wife’s leg. “They are only half listening,”

    “True,” Bette nodded as she held the steering wheel with one hand and took Tina’s hand with her other.

    “Maybe I should have stayed at home,” Tina said suddenly

    “No, why?” Bette was now concerned.

    “I feel like crap, I’ve barely slept and I’m sure its going to be the usual noise fest it is.”

    “You can sit with Xavier,”

    “You calling us both antisocial?” Tina asked,

    “You’re both alike,” Bette replied without missing a beat as the traffic finally started moving.

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    1. They are one sweet family, care a great deal about each other and look out for each other.

      Bette does know Tina better than Tina thinks or suspects. lovely to see how in tune both Xavier and Angie are with Tina.

      Great story!

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