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    Saturday Morning Breakfast

    “Mmm,” Tina said smiling herself.

    They finally pulled into a space near the Planet and Tina feed the metre while everyone else piled out of the car. Angie and Bette walked ahead once the car was locked with Xavier and Tina following behind.

    “How’s the book son?” Tina asked

    “Good, the software is amazing. Just need a couple more jobs around the house and I’ll be able to afford it.”

    “How long have you been saving for it?” tina asked, Xavier always saved his money he was given. Tina and Bette were trying to teach the kids value money.

    “About eight months. You were in hospital when I found it.” He said,

    “Agh. What’s it do?”

    “It means I can make three dee models in a game engine, means I can make more than a platform game. I want to make a horror game like Resident Evil,”

    Tina nodded, since her son had got into gaming she had learnt a lot about gaming.

    “How short are you?”

    “About forty buck,”

    “Remind me when we get home,”

    “Mom I will do my jobs like normal,” he said without missing a beat. He knew he had to do jobs to get extra cash, Bette had asked them to help more when Tina was ill.

    “Okay when we get home, can you mow the lawn and sort the trees out at the side of the studio. Then I’ll give you fifty okay?”

    “That’s too much mom,”

    “It’s not, please.”

    “Okay,” he gave in. “You’re the best you know that.”

    “I’m not. I just want you to learn your craft.”

    “Thanks mom,”

    “Its okay,”

    They walk into the Planet and soon are grated by Kit who hugs them all. They went over to the table where the gang was already there. Xavier and Tina sat together, Angie sat next to Bette and soon they were ordering. Tina looked at Bette who was sat beside her.

    “Did you know that Xavier was saving for some expensive software for his PC?”

    “No, I know he bought a new PC about nine months ago, it’s a gaming PC,”

    “I know. he is forty odd dollars short so when we get home he will mow the lawn and sort the trees out near the studio once that’s done I’m giving him fifty.”

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    1. They are one sweet family, care a great deal about each other and look out for each other.

      Bette does know Tina better than Tina thinks or suspects. lovely to see how in tune both Xavier and Angie are with Tina.

      Great story!

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