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    Saturday Morning Breakfast

    “Okay that seems fair. What’s it for?”

    “Three dee models for a gaming engine.”

    “You know you said that like you knew what you were talking about.”

    Tina laughed.

    “I do try and listen to him.”

    The conversations around the table started and Tina sat drinking her decaf coffee, listening to Xavier talking to Shane. She still got lost with the conversation but the kids always tried to keep her involved. Angie was talking to Alice about a bit on her show early in the week about women’s rights. Bette was talking to Helena and Dana. Their food arrived and Tina eat slower than normal. She was very sleepy. The gang had noticed but didn’t want to say anything.

    “You okay Mom?” Xavier asked,

    “Didn’t sleep well bud,” Tina replied.

    Xaiver put his arm around the back of his mom’s chair. He was very protective of her.

    “Why didn’t you tell us when we were at home, you could have stayed home.”

    “I’d have missed the fun,”

    “You find this hard and have done for years mom, we know that.”

    “Do I show it that bad?”

    “Nope but I know you mom,”

    “It’s Saturday, I can come, drink some coffee and eat some of Auntie Kit’s food and then I’m going to go home and nap.”

    “While I do noisy garden jobs?”

    “oh believe me if I can sleep though Alice screaming at Nat in the garden like I did the other week I can sleep through you doing your jobs.”

    Xaiver laughed. He remembered Alice standing in the middle of their back yard screaming at Nat after she’d found out she’d slept with someone else. His mom had slept through it, while everyone else was in the kitchen listening.

    Kit walked over and looked at Tina.

    “Hey Ti, how are you doing?”

    “I’m good, you Kit?”

    “Doing okay, do you want anymore coffee?”

    “No thank you I’m good, water would be great,”

    “Ice and lemon?”

    “You know me too well, “

    “Can I have a milkshake please Auntie Kit?” Xaiver asked softly

    “Chocolate and Banana Bud?”


    “Coming right up.”

    “Look at you getting the personal service,” Alice said smiling.

    Tina nodded. She then rubbed the bridge of her nose. She had a headache. Bette reached into her purse and took out a pill box. She carried spares off most of Tina’s medication.

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    1. They are one sweet family, care a great deal about each other and look out for each other.

      Bette does know Tina better than Tina thinks or suspects. lovely to see how in tune both Xavier and Angie are with Tina.

      Great story!

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