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    Saturday Morning Breakfast

    “Headache babe?” Bette asked moving closer to her wife, Tina nodded. And Bette took out the headache pills that doctor had given her for this. she passed it to Tina as Kit arrived with the water. Tina took a drink and the pill. Gently rubbing her temples. She didn’t want to ruin anyone’s breakfast.

    Bette watched as a milkshake arrived for Xaiver, it was in a to go cup. Kit knew that Tina was done. Bette smiled at her sister, glad that she knew her wife’s limits.




    Tina lay on the sofa, a blanket over her. she’d slept most of the day away. She was now just resting. Bette was cooking. Xavier had done his jobs and was now buying the software he needed with Tina’s credit card and Angie was looking at clothes online for a party she was going to.

    “Here you go Mom,” Xavier put Tina’s credit card and the cash he had in her wallet and put it on the coffee table.

    “Thanks son, is it downloading okay?”

    “Yep, thank you, the money’s in your wallet.”

    “Thanks son, I hope you have fun with it.”

    “Me too, Mama bought me a couple of books too,”

    “She just enjoys book shopping.”

    “I think you might be right she bought Angie a couple too,”

    “What your books on Honey?” Tina asked,

    “They are teen horror books,”

    “You two worry me. You play horror video games and now you’re reading horror books.”

    “It’s cool,” Angie said smiling.

    “I’m sure it is,” Tina sat herself up leaning on the back of the sofa, she yawned. today was not a great day for her. Xavier went to help his mama.

    “What’ you looking at Angie?”

    “I would love a new dress for the party next weekend, I just can’t find one I like,”

    “Maybe ask mama to take you shopping,”

    “You think she’ll go,”

    “Sure she will, speak to her baby,”

    Angie got up and hugged her mother. Tina loved that both her children were still very affectionate with her. They had their moments like all teenagers, but on the hole they were good kids.

    “Love you mom,”

    “love you too baby girl,” Angie left her mother too it.

    Tina lay back down, she was very low on energy today. She tried so hard to carry on, when she felt like this but since her last brush with cancer, her body gave up on her sooner.


    “yes babe,” Bette replied as she cut up the salad.

    “can I have a bottle of water and my meds please,”

    “Coming right up ma’am,” Bette said in her best posh waiter voice.

    Tina couldn’t help but laugh. Xaiver giggled to himself listening to his parents.

    “Thank babe,” Tina said as Bette brought her everything she needed.

    “You okay?”

    “Weak today, it’s got worse as the day has gone on,”

    “You’ve had a long day, getting up at 3am, hopefully your mind will let you rest tonight,”

    “I hope so,” Tina took her meds and drank her water.

    “It’s just one of those days babe,”

    “Yeah, I suppose.” Tina yawned, laying back down.

    Bette reached out and gently ran her fingers through her wife’s hair. She kissed her forehead.

    “You just rest okay, dinner will be ready shortly. You can eat as much or as little as you want okay?”

    “Okay,” Tina smiled at her wife, before reaching up, she pulled Bette down for a quick kiss.

    “I love you,” Bette whispered against her lips.

    “Love you too, I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be, rest my love,” Bette got up and went back into the kitchen.

    Bette understand her wife’s bad days more than her wife did sometimes. She just wanted her to rest at the moment. She knew that she shouldn’t have taken her to the planet this morning, knowing she’d been awake since three. Bette looked over at her wife and saw she had closed her eyes again.

    “Xaiver, will you set the table for me, you and your sister please.”

    “Not mom?”

    “I don’t think she’s going to have the energy love,”

    “she’s having a bad day.”

    “She is, but she’s doing the right stuff. She just needs rest.”

    Xavier did as he was asked, looking over at his mom every now and again. Bette watched him, before she rubbed his back.

    “She’s okay,”

    “I worry about her mama. She’s so strong and then has days like this.”

    “I know but tomorrow, hopefully will be better.”

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    1. They are one sweet family, care a great deal about each other and look out for each other.

      Bette does know Tina better than Tina thinks or suspects. lovely to see how in tune both Xavier and Angie are with Tina.

      Great story!

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