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    Saturday Morning

    Bette got out of the car and went and opened Tina’s side, Tina looked at her and smiled.

    “You don’t have to do that you know,” Tina said as she got out and closed the door, today she was wearing jeans, a shirt and comfortable boots.

    “I want too, let me,” Bette replied.

    Tina smiled as Bette locked the car and took her hand, she looked at Bette who was dressed simply in trousers and a blouse. She always looked so put together whereas Tina was more relaxed with her look. Tina let Bette guild her towards the café/bar they were heading too.

    They walked into the café and smiled it was lovely and had some modern art on the walls. They went to the counter and Tina picked up a menu,

    “Baby sis, you’re alive.”

    “Kit please,” Bette had laughter in her voice

    Tina looked up and saw a woman with similar facial structures she knew at once they were related.

    “Tina, this is my half sister Kit Porter.”

    “Hey Tina,” Kit took in the blonde stood beside her sister and smiled at her,

    “Hi,” Tina smiled before going back to reading the menu, she really wasn’t great around new people and Kit raised an eyebrow at her sister when Tina did that.

    “It’s a social thing its okay.” Bette said, “How is business?”

    “Business, you here for breakfast with the gang?”

    “Yeah, Alice demanded that I came,”

    “She has a way with words that one, they are out the back enjoying the morning sun. what would you like?”

    “I’ll have a fruit salad, orange juice and a black coffee please,” She turned to Tina who she knew was listening to the whole conversation even if she was deep in thought with her “What would you like babe?”

    “Erm,” Tina looked up and smiled at Kit, “I’m sorry, I’m not good socially,” She admitted, knowing she wasn’t making the greatest impressed.

    “It’s okay, I get it.” Kit smiled.  “You decided what you would like?”

    “Please can I have the banana pancakes and an ice tea, thank you,”

    “With pleasure, why don’t you go and see the girls and I will bring everything over.”

    “Thanks Kit,” Bette smiled as she took Tina’s hand and they headed outside to the far end of the garden area Alice was sat talking a mile a minute. She looked up when she saw them heading towards her.

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    1. Hmm, i don’t think Shane was right – how can Tina would learn not be she and scared around the people if from all people she talk only with Bette? I think she needs to try to socialize a bit more – maybe go with Bette in movie, theater and etc. She may not talk with them, but she would be around them – maybe it will be a good start

    2. When people meet people for the first time or are with a group they are unfamiliar with, generally they do a lot of listening and observing. As shy as Tina is, this is what I expected. She responded to the other’s question and comments on her art work. Shane insight advice to Bette was very appropriate. This should not have been a surprise to Bette but a gentle reminder of who Tina is. Its going to take time for Tina to become more social. She has been in this mode for 26 years and it will take some time to change and only when she desires it.

      I am liking this story. I think if Tina gets some good art production in the next few weeks, she will start to loosen up.

      Thank you for this chapter….look forward to the next.

    3. I’m enjoying this story. I think Shane’s advice is spot on. I was painfully shy when I was a young girl. When I got thrust into a crowd of people, I went into a shell. I think she has to ease into meeting them. Plus she’s just going through the trauma of losing everything, just getting involved with Bette, and having to be dependent on her all at the same time. That’s a lot.

      Look forward to what’s next.

    4. UK – fun story, great reading. Keeps me distracted when I am supposed to be “working” from home. I hope Tina gets the courage to reach out past her shell and embrace the new circle of friends. Bette is being so sweet and patient I love it. Thank you!

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