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    Saturday oh Saturday

    “I’m a good talker comes with the job,” Bette smiled.

    Tina moved forward and gently kissed her before gently pulling away.

    “I need to finish breakfast,”

    Tina moved back into the kitchen and finished making their breakfast. Bette was watching her closely.


    “Mmm,” Tina nodded, letting Bette know she was listening.

    “Will you be my girlfriend?”

    “Are you asking me to go steady after two dates?” Tina asked, as she put a plate of food in front of Bette and sat herself next to her with her own breakfast.

    “I would have asked you sooner but last night, just sitting watching a movie with you, holding you made me realise I’m in love with you,”

    “You’re what?” Tina put her fork down and looked at Bette shocked.

    Bette smiled softly.

    “A month ago you walked into my life and you took over my thoughts. I know we’re moving fast,”

    “Lesbian’s do,”

    “Bad joke and wrong moment love,” Bette laughed. “Listen, I can’t help the way I feel. My feelings aren’t about to change. I understand that this is massive for you. I’m the President and if, when the press get a hold of the story I’m dating your life will change forever. I am in love with you. I don’t make love to random women. We have a connection. You must feel it,”

    “When I looked into your eyes this morning with my fingers deep inside of you I felt something I’ve never felt before.”

    “Have you ever been in love?”

    “No,” Tina admitted, she shook her head, “I’ve never felt the way I do with you with anyone,” Tina dropped her head,

    Bette reached over and put her fingers under Tina’s chin and made her look up.

    “Don’t be ashamed of the way you feel Ti,”

    “I’m not I just don’t know how to handle how I feel.”

    “Tell me,”


    “How you feel?”

    “Alive, my heartbeats quickly when I see you, your voice makes me weak. I’ve never felt like this about anyone. I’m 30 years old and I’ve know this over whelming feeling of love.”

    Bette smiled as she moved forward and kissed Tina softly.

    “Do you want to carry this on?” Bette asked,

    “More than anything I want and need to explore this B,”

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    1. Great to see a new chapter! A little confused why I don’t receive any notifications when you post a chapter?

      Rosemary is one greedy bitch, Bette willingly gave the insurance money to them and still it’s not enough. Their daughter cheated on Bette for many months and still they think she is a saint and blame Bette.

      I am happy Bette found new love and it’s with Tina, i only hope Tina can handle it when the news come out she is the new partner of the POTUS.

      Great story!

    2. I just found this story, your stories are always captivating.
      I can’t wait for Rosemary to find out that Better has moved on with Tina.
      Pls post the next chapter soon. I can’t wait to read it.

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