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    Saturday oh Saturday

    “I want this too,”

    Tina smiled softly.

    “Can you send the rest of the weekend here?”

    “I need to go and get some clean clothes and some other stuff, if you don’t mind.”

    “Of course, I will get a car for you,”

    “You know I drive right B?”

    “Not the point the car can wait while you get everything you need. Shall I order dinner for this evening,”

    “No, can you order some groceries,”

    “Sure, why?”

    “Why? My god woman don’t you ever cook,”

    “No, Vicky and I eat out a lot and I have a kitchen of staff who cook for me now,”

    “Well tonight we will cook,”

    “Write me a list of what you want and I will arrange your car,”

    Tina nodded. Before they both starting eating their breakfast and the topic of conversation changed to movies and Tina’s love of cheesy TV shows.


    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette sat in her study while Tina was gone and the phone on her desk rang,


    “Ma’am Rosemary Johnson is on line for you,” Rebecca her weekend assistant said softly.

    “Put her through,” Bette rubbed her head and removed her glasses as she listened to the phone line change,

    “Hello Rosemary,”

    “Hello Elizabeth,” Always so formal, they had stopped calling her Bette the day Victoria had died.

    “How are you?”

    “Still heart broken,” Rosemary’s voice was bitter.

    Bette shook her head

    “What can I do for you?”

    “Victoria’s lawyer has advised us that you’ve paid us Victoria life insurance however we were told it’s more than what has been sent to us,”

    “Told by who?”

    “Her lawyer,”

    “Well the money that came into my account went out and it was the same amount paid in as I paid into your account, if you want proof of that I’m sure I can arrange for that.”

    “We would like proof as we think it’s one million short,”

    “I will arrange it with my lawyer,” Bette said softly.

    “Okay,” Rosemary said, “I will let you get one with your Saturday, I’m sure you are busy,”

    “Thank you,” Bette said but she had already but the phone down. She knew it would be about money, she picked the phone up and dialled her lawyer,

    “Hi Marc I’m sorry to call you on a Saturday,”

    “Hello Madam President, it’s fine,”

    “My late wife’s mother has been on the phone about the insurance money,”

    “We arranged a transfer didn’t’ we?”

    “we do, but she is calming it’s one million dollars short,” Bette said softly.

    “Yea because getting eight million isn’t enough,”

    “you know how these people are can you send them a copy of the insurance document and a copy of my bank statement that shows the money going in and out.”

    “Sure can, you’ve got nothing to hide Bette you did the right thing,”

    “They hate me Marc, and they are going to hate me more,”

    “Why is that?”

    “If you breath a word I will have you,” Bette said softly, Marc and her had been at university at the same time and become friends after a drunken night out.

    “I promise,” He said,

    “I’ve meet someone,”

    “The President got herself a woman,”

    “She has, I can’t give you detail but yes I’m dating.”

    “That’s great news,”

    “Thank you, now do me flavour and email that stuff to Rosemary and make sure you CC me in,”

    “Do you want it done today?”

    “Yes please,”

    “I’m on it,”

    “Thank you Marc,”

    She got on with some work, only getting up when the groceries arrived, she put them away, she picked up her phone and saw the formal email to Rosemary from Marc with all the details she had asked for. Hopefully that would put her in her place. Bette had had enough. She knew she had to move on. She also knew that when news got out she had she would be judged, not only by Rosemary and Jeff but by the public but she couldn’t help the way she felt about Tina and she didn’t want to ignore it either. She was ready to move forward. This was her time.

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    1. Great to see a new chapter! A little confused why I don’t receive any notifications when you post a chapter?

      Rosemary is one greedy bitch, Bette willingly gave the insurance money to them and still it’s not enough. Their daughter cheated on Bette for many months and still they think she is a saint and blame Bette.

      I am happy Bette found new love and it’s with Tina, i only hope Tina can handle it when the news come out she is the new partner of the POTUS.

      Great story!

    2. I just found this story, your stories are always captivating.
      I can’t wait for Rosemary to find out that Better has moved on with Tina.
      Pls post the next chapter soon. I can’t wait to read it.

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