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    Secrets Revealed


    Tina laughs into her Bluetooth as she scrolls past yet another resume of a potential assistant.

    Tina: How many times am I gonna have to tell you this story, Meg?

    Meghan: As many times as it takes for it to make sense to me. He just shows up out the blue after throwing you out of his house?

    Tina: Yep that’s the tagline.

    Meghan: Why’d you even open the door?

    Tina clicks past another resume.

    Tina: I didn’t, Bette answered the door.

    Meghan: Geez…. maybe you two need to stop answering each other’s doors kiddo.

    Tina smiles and gives a slight shrug.

    Tina: You may actually have a point……for once.

    Meghan:(laughs) Whatever we still on for dinner tonight? Don’t think Ruby and the girls will take no for an answer this time. We’ve sorta been neglecting them.

    Tina: Uh yeah, Bette has a thing so I’m free.

    Meghan playfully scoffs.

    Meghan: So now my time with you is predicated on if Bette “has a thing”?

    Tina giggles as she leans back in her chair.

    Tina: Yeah, I guess so

    Meghan: I have more to say about how fucked up that is but I gotta get back to work.

    Tina: Back to work? You’ve been on my phone for almost an hour, did you ever start?

    Meghan: Shut up, see you tonight chick.

    Tina: Yep

    Tina ends the call and then sighs as she clicks past yet another resume.

    Tina: There must be someone passed the age of eighteen somewhere in this pile.

    A few minutes later, she’s still looking over resumes when she hears a light knock on her door.

    Tina: Yeah? Come in

    Her door opens and she does a double-take when she sees who steps inside her office.

    Tina: Eric? What the hell are you doing here?

    Eric gently closes Tina’s door and shrugs.

    Eric: Well you weren’t answering my calls so…

    Tina angrily narrows her eyes.

    Tina: Yeah, on purpose……how the hell did you even get past security? You don’t have a pass to get on the lot.

    Eric smirks as she slowly sits down across from Tina.

    Eric: Let’s just say my charm still works on most.

    Tina rolls her eyes.

    Tina: What do you want?

    Eric’s arrogant smirk disappears as she stares at Tina for a beat.

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    1. Welcome back… great chapter….

      I would love to see how dear Eric explains to dear ole Dad how he lost his largest campaign contributor. Most every family has gay members and no one likes an outsider meddling in family matters. This is Tina’s matter to deal with. I cannot imagine what Eric was thinking. Did he really think that if he had his conversation with the Kennards, Tina would suddenly decide to marry Eric? Really? The threat may have worked but the action would have been a death nail in any relationship they could have possible had in the future including friendship.

      Eric is going to be lucky if he can get a job in Los Angeles after this little stunt.

      Lovely story….love to see more.

    2. Hi browneyedgirl28,

      Happy New Year ????

      So good to see a new chapter from you!

      Wow, Eric is such a bitch, did he really think that by outing Tina to her parents that Tina would come back to his sorry ass?!

      Loved how Bette stood up for Tina and that Eric is in deep trouble, how is he going to explain to his father that his biggest financial contributor walked away?

      Great chapter and i really hope you will find the time to update more often.

      Thank you!

    3. BEG28!
      Finally a story where, in this case, Tina, stood up to here parents and ex boyfriend to declare that she wants to live “her” life and not the one they want her to live so that “they’re” not center gossip among they’re country club snob friends.

      Erics’ plans was for Tina to be his arm candy trophy wife, but she wasnt having any of it!!!

    4. Thank you for the chapter!

      I’m very proud for the Tina – how she stood up against her parents, and for Bette – how she defended Tina. With the outing of one of the main sponsor Eric gets what he deserved.

      Waiting for the next – for this and others two of yours stories)

    5. Hi BEG,

      Happy New Year!

      What a super New Year present!

      Love your writing and the stories you tell.

      Please, please don’t leave it six months before we have more on this delicious tale!

      Completely in love with both of the characters you have given Bette and Tina here!

      Some other stories needing attention too when you have a moment!

    6. Happy New Year Browneyedgirl! Nice way to start off the new year with one of your wonderful stories updates….THANK YOU!

      OMG…that damn Eric just would NOT quit, so glad he got to meet the bombastic bully Bettie Porter version when you mess with Tina and she nailed it…what a lil bitch azz move! Outing her to her parents is gonna make her want you so much more, stupid lil petty CLUELESS dude! Bette and his highest donor son said it best…..BYE BITCH!

      I love this story Meghan is such a good friend and even Alice is growing up some! Now if these parents would be more supportive of their children, this will be happy world! :)

      Oh yeah, loved how Tina FINALLY TOLD ERIC TO GO TO HELL TOO!!!!!!!

    7. Fantastic chapter to the prequel! We get to see Bette and Tina’s homophobic parents. Melvin is still the sourpuss like he was on the show. I hope Bette won’t let Melvin disrespect Bette just like she didn’t let Eric get away with it.

      Bitch is the right name for Eric. In what universe is Tina going to go back to him after he stabbed her in the back? I like how protective Bette is. Something tells me that Eric will come back and cause trouble again.

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