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    Chapter Three: Secrets Revealed

    [ THE PLANET – 12:30 P.M. ]

    “So how was it?” Alice asked Bette across the table.

    “Meeting Tina’s friends?”

    “No, the salad you’re eating… Yes, meeting Tina’s friends.”

    “It was…interesting. But it wasn’t just friends who showed up,” Bette said.

    “What do you mean?” Shane asked sipping on her third straight coffee.

    “Well, Tina dated one for most of her teen years. I actually don’t know how long they dated for…”

    “… you jealous?” Alice asked with a smirk.

    “What? Why would I be jealous? I mean, I’m the one who is with her now,” Bette said trying to brush off Alice’s comment.

    “Oh come on. Tina’s ex shows up…which means that they still talk and are still close and you’re trying to tell me that doesn’t make you the slightest bit jealous? I don’t believe it,” Alice replied shaking her head. “You can’t tell me that you spent a few hours with them and you didn’t completely eye her ex.”

    “Fine…Yes, I did take notice when Tina introduced me to her but why the hell would I?”

    “Something is bugging you…something more than just meeting the ex…who’s name is?” Alice asked.

    “JJ…Jennifer something. And it’s just, I don’t know.” Bette replied playing with her salad. “They seem really close. At first, I thought ‘Oh maybe they are like you and I’ but it seems more than that. It’s like they have this…connection….a history.”

    “And you don’t like that?” Shane asked already knowing the answer.

    Bette bit her lip and stared at the two women across the table. “No…They just seem to, I don’t know, fit together. When they first hugged, they were both crying. Then at the bar, they had this drink which I didn’t know what the hell it was, but they made it like it was a ritual or something.” Bette tried to explain. “I feel like it was more than a high school fling.”

    “Maybe it was…but it’s the past, Bette,” Shane said.

    “It is? You know, when we were saying goodbye to the group, I heard Tina say that she loved JJ.”

    “Well, I mean they dated in high school, right? If they’re still talking now that’s like what? 15-16 years of friendship. Of course there is still love there,” Alice replied.

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    1. Damn, Engaged?, Trouble is already brewing and I can’t blame Bette for her feelings at this point, at all. Tina should have been completely honest with her from the beginning. Just hope Tina won’t let JJ touch her in any way, kiss, fondle, nothing, because if she does, Bette would know and JJ’s life just might be in danger. Tina walked away from her once and found our beauty Bette, she should let that be her guide if JJ tries to start something, which is what I think she is doing there to begin with. She made her choice to go to Quantico, VA and she needs to move on and leave Tina be. Tina has the family she has wanted and JJ doesn’t need to get involved in Tina’s life anymore than she has, unless she wants an ass-whipping from five or six women. Great story, thanks for sharing.

    2. Wow 10 years together and engaged, and Tina didn’t think it was needed to tell Bette about such a important matter !? WTF.

      But i loved it when she said that Bette is her last.

      Like Dainty, JJ should be wise not to try anything with Tina again, her ass will be kicked of from the earth by Bette and the gang. I trust in Tina that she isn’t going to allow anything that will put her relationship with Bette in danger.

      Loved the updates!

    3. Thanks~! Once again Alice and her big ass mouth! I believe and have faith that Tina is in love with Bette forever this time around. She will not let anything come between them. Remember I said they will become stronger and more in love with each other. JJ can just go to hell in a hand basket. Alice keep your damn mouth shut. PPS

    4. Great update,I’m enjoying very much!
      Just curious about what JJ has to talk about with Tina and in private,so the others won’t know.I hope she won’t try to rekindle their past romance,and if she does,I trust that Tina will put her in place.
      Bette and Tina should have a party with both gangs,and I would enjoy if Shane and/or Helena would try to seduce JJ,not just to keep her away from Tina,but also because they can’t resist a beautiful woman.
      Can’t wait to see what you have for us in the next update.
      Thanks for sharing this story and for the update!

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