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    Bette pulled the car into the drive and sat for a moment, watching the gates close behind her. She rubbed her forehead. Before taking a deep breath, she picked up her bags and went into the house. She smiled when she saw Tina in the kitchen, soft rock music playing as she moved around the kitchen making their dinner. Bette dropped her bags onto the sofa and removed her jacket. Xavier was sat in his chair near the counter, banging on the tray front of him. Bette walked over and kissed the top of his head smiling when he looked up at her.

    “Hey babe, how are you?” Tina asked as she stood chopping steak chunks.

    “I’m okay, how are you?” Bette asked as she walked around and kissed Tina’s neck.

    “I’m okay, Jake had a ‘word’ with me when I got home,”


    “Going to LA alone,”

    “Well, you’re not great in the city,”

    “Yes I know and you should have said something not one of our nurses. He basically told me that I’m not mentally stable enough to do that. I get it. I could have freaked out. Anything could have happened. I shouldn’t take those risks, not with Xavier. I’m sorry.”

    “Erm, thank you,” Bette said smiling softly. “I know I should have told you, I know, but everything just gets to me. There is so much going on,”

    “I know. I’m not helping your stress levels. You’ve always been such a powerful and successful woman. I am worried I’m bring you down,”

    “You’re not,” Bette moved away and looked at her wife. “You’re never bring me down. Tina you’ve made my life so much better. I love you.”

    “I know babe, I love you too but you’ve given up so much for me. You’ve made some many sacrifices to be with me. Something hit me today. When you said the group show wasn’t great. Babe you shouldn’t be taking on subpar work. You’re Galleries are known world wide and people want to come and see art there, they want to buy art from Bette Porter, you cannot be putting on subpar work. You’ve taken that show because it was easier, and you wouldn’t be away from me and Xavier as much. You can’t do that. I want you to be a success. You were famous and very successful in the art world before you meet me and the last thing I’ve ever wanted was to take that away from you. I’m guilty of not being able to see past my own failing. Bette I love you and I want what’s best for you and for Porter Galleries. You’re a remarkable woman. I don’t want to take that away from you.”  Tina finally took a breath.

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    1. Well, i understand where is it coming from Bette and Tina – but i still don’t know if is it fair to give Shane ultimatum about choosing. I still think she can be friends with both sides – and she may just promise not telling anything one side about other.

    2. I can understand Bette and Tina’s perspective re:Alice. It’s a tough call but I have a feeling Shane’s loyalty will be to Bette and Tina. I’m glad Tina was at home with her family when her “moment” happened. What would’ve happen if the panic attack hit while driving? Tina was able to recenter herself alone which is huge. I’m so glad Bette’s landed a phenomenal artist for Porter LA.

      Great job.

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