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    The Kennard Porter Private Residence

    4589 Honey Drew Lane

    Silver Lake

    Los Angeles


    United States of America


    Bette watched as Tina paced the living room floor. She knew that her wife was full of nervous energy. Right now she didn’t know how to help her. Tina’s mind was back in the lecture theatre she was in seven years ago, she was a guest lecturer that day.

    Bette hated seeing her wife in this much pain. She wanted to wipe it out. the attack had happened when their relationship was broken because of Bette’s actions.

    Tina stopped pacing when there was a knock at the door, Bette got up and answered the door. Dani and some of time’s personal team walked in, all looking shocked.

    Dani looked at Tina who was now dressed in jeans and a shirt.

    “What is going on?” Dani asked sitting down and taking out her iPad pro with her iPen.

    “Tina was asked a question as we left the studio and it’s hit a nerve.” Bette said

    “I heard, what is going on here we need to fix this,”

    “We can’t fix it.” Tina said, sitting onto the sofa. her hand rubbing the back of her neck before reaching out and taking Bette’s hand. she found herself playing with Bette’s wedding ring. She was trying to stay calm.

    “What do you mean we can’t fix it? the question was about the UCLA attack. You were a senator when it happened.”

    “I was also still doing guest lecturer spots.” Tina whispered.  “Recess was happening and I was teaching because it’s my passion. I had come to LA to try and fix my marriage.”

    “This happened the same time as Bette’s affair how has it never come out,”

    “The courthouse declared the media couldn’t name the victims, to ensure they would give evidence against the preps.” Bette said slowly. “The records of the attack are completely sealed.”

    “Is there a reason for that?”

    “Because the preps were home grown terrorist.” Tina said slowly.

    Bette could feel Tina shaking. she knew that Tina’s mind would be racing. it was rare that she spoke about it.

    Dani looked at her boss. She didn’t know what they were going to do.

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    1. OMG! Heartbreaking story, how could anyone recover from that mess. This story has me hooked. Politics here in the US is so destructive right now. I want to see how you weave this story from your perspective….looking in from a distance. Thanks for posting so soon1. PPS

    2. Horrible what happened to Tina 😱 I can understand why Bette feels guilty about it, it was when she had the affair and Tina was in LA to try to save their marriage.

      But how could this be bad for Tina’s campaign? They already know she is gay and it could gain her more votes. But This attack shouldn’t come out, it hurt Tina and Bette as well so much. It should stay private, but the word is out and the media will not rest till everything is in the open 😔

      I really love Bette in this story, so in love, supporting and protective of Tina. Great to see!

      Thank you for the quick updates!

    3. What a horrible event for Tina. I understand why Bette feels guilty, but it really was not Bette’s fault. It not Tina’s either. This is definitely a crime against her homosexual orientation. This would fall under the federal statues of the Sheppard Act. This is a trauma for Bette and Tina to overcome, but it should not hurt the campaign as Tina was a victim as was the other people who were held hostage. Tina need therapy and counseling on how to handle this in the public sphere. And Bette will need some counseling on the best methods to be a support to Tina and to assist them both heal from this period of their life.

      Public life puts a lot of pressure on people. The lack of privacy is not conducive to building a stronger personal relationships. And the lack of alone time is always detrimental. That is generally the reason many who become President age more than their years while in the White House.

      I like this story…. thanks you for the updates… to see more.

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