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    Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit



    Dr. Davies moved around pulling evidence bags out and a gown. ”Okay Tina, I need you to
    stand on the paper and take all of your clothes off. Lindsey is going to take photographs of
    any bruising we find, and we’ll bag your clothes for evidence – if you’re okay with that?”
    Tina nods her head yes. “Okay. We’ll use a blacklight while you’re undressed to locate any
    DNA samples on your face, arms, legs, abdomen, and torso and take samples for testing.
    Then you’ll put the gown on, and I’ll walk you through the next part of the exam. Is that

    ”Yes…” was Tina’s whispered reply.

    ”Okay. When you’re ready, stand on the paper and begin undressing. Kate will start
    taking your statement when you begin.”

    Tina looks at Bette and Bette caresses her left cheek. ”It’s going to be okay Baby. I
    know you’re scared, but I’m right here. Remember, look at me the whole time and I’ll give
    you the strength you need. If you need to take a break just tell them to stop.”

    Tina squeezes Bette’s left hand before walking to stand on the paper. ”Okay, let’s
    get this over with.” Tina says while staring at Bette.

    Tina begins taking her clothes off: jacket, heels, sweater, etc. as Kate begins her
    questioning. ”Let’s get started. If you need to stop, let me know.” Tina nods her head.
    ”Before we get into what happened tonight, do you know who raped you Tina?”

    ”Yes…” Tina looks down. ”My boss, Aaron Kornbluth…” Tina looks up at Bette. ”… and his friend, Henry Young.” Tina sees the pain in Bette’s face and notices the tears
    pooled in her eyes. Tina begins to apologize. ”I’m sorry Bette- ”

    Bette cuts her off abruptly. ”Don’t you dare apologize for this Tina! This is NOT
    your fault. Tell us what happened but don’t ever take ownership for their reprehensible
    behavior. YOU did not cause this! Please, believe me.”

    Tina nods slightly as she wipes a few tears from her own eyes. Kate begins again.
    ”Tina, Bette is right. No matter the situation and circumstances, you didn’t ask to be raped.
    This is not on you.” Kate takes a breath. ”Can we continue?”

    Tina continues to undress as she gives some background. ”I was hired as the Chief
    Development Executive at Alphaville almost a year ago – May 2008. I had been
    working as the Head of Development at a smaller company and after several successful
    productions, I garnered larger recognition from well-known companies and was approached
    by a few. Alphaville  offered me what I thought to be the best position and compensated me

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