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    Harrow End Villa

    A Private Island

    Somewhere in the Caribbean


    Tina had felt Bette become distant since Jeff’s call the day before. Tina was now sat on the beach, watching the boats in the ocean, which she knew were full of government agents, watching over them. She knew she was giving up so much, her freedom being the biggest thing. She hadn’t meant to fall in love with Bette. she hadn’t expected the feeling to overwhelm her yet they needed to be a team.

    Yesterday she felt Bette pulling away and Tina had thought about something that she hadn’t thought about at all. She couldn’t live in the shadow of Bette’s late wife. Tina started to pay with her engagement ring.

    “What’s on your mind?” Bette asked, standing behind Tina,

    Tina got up an smiled softly at Bette,

    “Not a lot,”

    “That’s a lie, I’ve been stood here for five minutes and you didn’t know I was here.”

    Tina took a deep breath, before she rubbed the back of her neck. She looked at Bette.

    “I can’t live in her shadow.” Tina’s voice was soft,

    Bette understood at once what she meant.

    “You’re not,”

    “At the moment I am, one call from your former in-laws and you become distant. Yesterday you barely touched me apart from our cuddle in bed.”


    “I just can’t do this Bette,”

    “Are you breaking up with me?” Bette said, her eyes clearly showing her emotions. It broke Tina’s heart that Bette’s thoughts went straight to breaking up.

    “Why would you think that?” Tina asked,

    “You just said you can’t do this…”

    “B, I can’t live in the shadow of a woman I will never measure up too. I understand she was a big part of your life. You loved her. even knowing that she fucked Helena you still loved her. I walk into your life those feelings are not going to disappear. She left you suddenly and unexpectedly in the worst way.

    “Don’t get me wrong,” Tina said, her eyes locked on Bette’s, “I know you have a lot of anger towards her too but I feel like her shadow is forming over our relationship. I’m me, little humble me. I don’t’ need glamour, fame or fortune. I just want love, respect and honour. Which is very old fashioned of me. After Jeff’s phone call you just pulled back. I don’t want that. I understand you were together for a long time. I do. She was your wife, your First Lady. But at the moment, even through she’s dead it feels like there are three people in our relationship.”

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    1. Love that Tina is NOT being passively aggressive nor dismissive about how she feels the “shadow” of Bette’s ex-wife could be a problem if they dont deal with the harassment of the former in-laws and the GUILT Bette feels.

      The relationship she already has with Bette and ESPECIALLY the intimacies they’re sharing is such a spiritual matter. And Tina knows from her practice that part of the protection they both need is in the spiritual realm where feelings, thoughts and words sustain the bond between lovers/friends.

      I like how this story flows, with its many turns of fate

    2. Great two chapters!

      I am very happy for them and it’s good to see they talk with each other honestly.

      After two years Bette does have the right to move on, her latest wife will not be forgotten but she doesn’t need to be hover at her new relationship and glad Tina brought that up. I can understand it’s hard for Jeff and Rose to see Bette move on but they need to leave Bette alone.

      Lovely story!

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