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    Shane & Alice

    “Thanks for taking a coffee break with me Shane, but I’ve got to get back to work.”

    “No worries Tina, I know you want to get a lot of work finished before Bette’s show opens tonight.”

    Shane stands and begins to collect her things.

    “Yeah, I just want to make sure we can have the weekend free together. I know she’ll need to look over some numbers after the show, but once we get home after closing tonight, I don’t want to leave the bedroom until Monday.”

    Shane smirks knowingly.

    “I bet you don’t. I’m sure Bette will be happy to have the show over so she can have some uninterrupted time with you.”

    Tina brushes her hands through her hair as she exhales loudly.

    “You have no idea. She’s been so tense and on edge. I know it probably has a lot more to do with the whole Alice situation than preparing for the show, but it will help to have that out of the way.”

    “Well, I hope to provide all of us – but Bette especially – with a little more insight after I have dinner with Alice today. I know she’s planning on coming to the show tonight. Maybe that’s a good thing – that she’s still wanting to support Bette in that.”

    “I don’t know Shane, but I hope that’s why she’s coming, to be supportive.”

    “I think if I can get to the bottom of whatever is going on in her crazy head, then maybe tonight she’ll be… calm, apologetic… I don’t know. I guess I want some understanding too.”

    “I think we all do, but I wouldn’t expect too much.”

    “Don’t worry about that. I have my PhD in Pieszecki; I’ll get her to talk. Plus, I’m not the one she’s harboring hatred for so she might try to sway me into becoming her ally.”

    Shane notes the look of anger and disgust flashing on Tina’s face.

    “I would never betray Bette, so don’t worry Tina. I’m reaching out for information, not to form an alliance. Which reminds me, does Bette know about this – our covert dinner operation?”

    Tina bites her lip and drops her head. She regains eye contact when Shane clears her throat.

    “No, okay! No, she doesn’t. Look, I’m not trying to be secretive and I plan on telling Bette after the show. I just need to do this, but I know she isn’t ready for me to talk to Alice myself, and certainly not alone. So, you are my best option.”

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    1. Sometimes there are no adequate words. Please excuse me beforehand but: fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!! I knew it. I just knew it. Now Bette is messed up beyond belief, maybe beyond repair! Ruined her show and possibly her livelihood. How can Bette recover from:

      “Fuck this up right now, and I’ll kill you once I drag you back to New York. I promise, no one will find your body. You’ll die the same way you’ve lived your life – worthless and unwanted.”

      Just for the record: Fuck!!!!!! Hot coals, fire ants, nothing is too much for Alice. I have NEVER reacted to a story this way. You have obviously got us hooked. Please please please post again soon and allow Shane to kick Alice’s ass but good! Psycho Candace needs to go to jail or be killed. What is that psycho thinking? That she can have and manipulate both Alice and Bette? Clearly Bette will be gone before Tina gets there. She will go into hiding. Probably no longer trusts Tina. Tina knew she needed her. Tina needs to get her priorities straight!!!! May be too late.

      I have never said anything even remotely like this but both Alice and Candace need to die. That is truly the only way Bette can be saved. Otherwise she will look over her shoulder for the rest of her life.

    2. i’ve never liked alice! not on the show, not in fanfic not anywhere. if you find it in your heart to bump her and cand ass off it would be awesome.

      the gall of alice to take her there and to say bette was never abused is a crock of shit.

      she will learn the hard way how cand ass is but by them i’m thinking she will have no friends.

      wow long winded buggsy out

      • Yes, in this story Alice needs to die. Sorry but it’s just that clear. And Candace as well. But will it come soon enough for Bette? Has the damage been done? Why weren’t you there Tina?

    3. Wow….. Never in my life have I heard of a more cruel stunt to pull than this. Alice has to be the biggest narcissistic dumbass in the world. Let me think a moment – I want Bette to be my friend so to do that I am going to 1) not believe whats she says or has said in the past 2) Pretend that the evidence is that she self inflicted the wounds and bruise she had and it was all in role play 3) Date her ex for the sole purpose of rubbing it in the I got the prise she couldn’t hang on to 4) Invite her ex to her first gallery opening which is of major importance to her all just to show her what a bitch I am. People have been shot right on the spot for doing less. It a good thing that they are in California and not here in the south!

      Oh please let Tina catch her….do not let her hide from Tina or Shane or Kit. Get the help you need from those who love you. Do not listen to Candace —she knows nothing as to who you are Bette…nothing!

      Shane – do not do anything stupid like strike Alice or Candace. Just tell her never to call or try to see you again. And tell Candace that she needs to leave before she has her arrested for whatever reason she can think up. Then get back to Bette…. do not let her go anywhere alone….

      What a mess… just when Bette and Tina are starting to put their lives back together from all the trauma, here come Candace and Alice.

      I hope Candace slaps Alice around a bit before she goes back to New York. Maybe she will learn a thing or two. I just wonder what Candace had in mind making Alice think she was her girl and then telling Bette that she was going back to New York with her? “Sorry, Alice. I just used you to get to Bette!”

      This is a disturbing set of events. I am anxious to see how you resolve things. Please do not keep us waiting too long.

      • To my knowledge in this story, Bette had not been with Alice nor dated her, so if that’s correct is Alices motivation for scheming against Bette come from wanting Bette to F her, and Bette NOT giving a single thought to that possibility??? Is Alice the jealous/envious party in her so called friendship with Bette???

        Why would Alice give a flip whether Candace was beating Bette, or whether Bette was self-harming? Why does she feel like she has a dog in the fight/

    4. So did Alice and/or Candace have a hand in making sure that Tina had a later than normal night on set? How convenient for them that Tina is late.

      Wonder if Bette had surveillance camera(s) in her office.

      I was very UNeasy that Bette’s & Candace’s path would cross and was hoping that Bette would be able to stand none-to-nose with that SlimeMistress, but no can do 😩.

      Candace was able to speak her venomous words to threatened Bettes’ life AND told her that she will take her forceably from LA. She’s been in town a year being fed insider info from Alice so she KNOWS where Bette lives and her routines. She likely has her home and cell ph numbers. Bette will not even be safe at home 😩😢😡. Shit!!🤬

      Tina will have a massive uphill battle just to keep Bette from shutting down and not revealing ALL that Candace said. They need to come up with a foolproof plan to stop both “C-Bitch & A-Bitch”

      • Hmmmm. That’s the only way I forgive Tina. You know Bette would not run out the front. She has left by another exit and will be gone when Shane returns and Tina finally shows up.

        • If the “she bitches” pulled a fast one on Tina, then like Bette, Tina will have to battle guilt demons knowing she left Bette exposed to the possibility of emotional attack we figured “just from” Alice as far as Tina knew.

    5. Bette & Tina need to agree to install Bluetooth cameras (this is 2020) cameras in their vehicles AND offices. They also need call Detective Kate Jackson and tell her about Candace and Alice. This is easily a “if I can’t have you, NOBODY can” and our girls MUST respond with a plan to gather hardcore data AND thwart future attacks!

      For sure, Bette needs to let her Tharapist know of this knuckle ball, brush-back pitch that has been fired, screening to crush her skull, and Tina needs to reveal to her Therapist as well what has happened.

      • I agree. But Bette is terrified and broken. Doubt she can do any of these things. She needs to feel s safe and that is the absolute one thing she does not feel. Threatened with being killed. All of the abuse is front and center thanks to Alice. I do believe Candace will attempt to kill Bette. She bitches – good one

        • Agree. If Bette has any thoughts that Tina “wasn’t there when she NEEDED her, I hope she will confide in Tina her disappointment so that they can work through that part of this attack. I dont want Candace to have the upper hand in sowing strife.

          After all, there wasn’t any willful negligence on Tina’s part to put Bette in harms way

          • You know it’s a good chapter to get this much discussion. You are so correct in your assessment. Have to assume Candace lives in LA. Been stalking Bette and Tina. Yikes!!! Plus Bette feels ‘betrayed and rejected.’ Betrayed by Alice. Rejected by Tina not being there.? Pray there is a tape of Candace’s menacing but doubt it.There are not a lot of chapters and we need our couple healthy and happy. Hopefully Candace and Alice are dispatched quickly. But Bette is going to need major therapy to get over this.

    6. Let me remind the readers that this incident is not the fault of Tina or Shane or Bette. Tina and Shane respond when they know what is happening without delay. Tina did not want to be late to Bette’s show…when she found out, she call Bette and was deeply remorseful for not being there. Tina had also arranged that Shane would be there, but that got screwed up too. Neither anticipated Candace would be there until just before 8:00 when Alice told Shane. Alice alone really posed little threat. In the best of intentions, life gets in the way. Tina and Bette and Shane would have to be clairvoyant to anticipate Candace would make an appearance. In life, you cannot prepare for every possibility. Who knew that Alice and Candace had been dating for a year? Who knew that they even knew each other since they moved to LA? Only Alice and Candace!

      And Bette would never have cameras in her office. Why would she want her own activities recorded for others to see? Cameras would be installed to protect the assets of the business – the art work, the cash on hand or any supplies which the business deemed valuable. And they would be installed where the general public has access. Even in a convenience store, there are no cameras in the store room or in the offices only in the area where the general public is likely to be.

      Bette and Tina with the help of Shane are going to come out of this. I do not know how. But Bette and Tina have been to too much not to pick themselves up and fight back. Yes, they have been hurt and they are in fear, but once they get to a safe place, they will start to formulate a plan which will dispose of Candace and Alice for good. Bette will regain her self control once she and Tina are together. Remember, Bette is not the same person she was ten years ago. And neither Candace or Alice know anything at all as to who Bette Porter really is. And Bette is going to show us the reader who she is and Tina will be right by her side.

      • I accept your rebuttal about the lack of cameras in Bette’s office. It’s likened to how it’s unlawful to have such installed in lavatories.

        Also, I’m reminded that the biochemistry of having adrenaline suddenly shot into ones’ system usually means a “fight or flight” response, but which one a person does in that moment of threat is NOT known with certainty!

        It’s all we can do to ACTUALLY think clearly right?

      • Wow Elizabeth look what you have done? Such a good chapter and discussion. This is a great story!! Major congratulations.

        Agree in theory Martha and hope all will come to pass as you write but I do believe Bette’s fear is very palpable. And that Candace is an absolute threat. I doubt Bette is going to pull it together in her office all by herself. Hope I am wrong. If Tina does not arrive immediately or Shane does not turn around and determine getting back to Bette is more important than yelling at Alice, I believe Bette WILL run. Will she run to Tina? I hope so.

        Again – I know this story is winding down and resolutions are afoot. Yes this Bette is different than Bette of ten years ago and she was VERY strong for Tina. But remember the scene when Bette found out about the missing person’s report. She may be stronger but she does still live in fear of Candace. That is a fact. And Candace is back in a big way and allied with Alice. Clearly she has known Bette’s location and has been using Alice. She is fixated on Bette. Even to the point of murder! Bette has been called a liar. Told she is a fraud. That she made up the abuse. Her scars self inflicted. It is obscene. The reality? Candace has been planning this a long time. And right now in so many ways – Bette is alone. Candace needs to be permanently eliminated.

        If the shoe were on the other foot and Tina needed Bette at the opening of a film I think Bette would be there. Again – Bette does feel alone right now. I acknowledge that it is just my personal opinion but Tina should have moved heaven and earth to have been there for her opening speech. I know she feels badly and I agree there is no way she could have known Candace would show up but she knew enough to reach out to Shane because Alice WAS going to be there. Plus she knew Bette was tense, worried and upset. Plus it was an extremely important evening for Bette. Sorry, I just have a hard time accepting Tina’s absence. Maybe Tina will arrive on time and help Bette but right now she is not there. That’s all I know.

        I would love nothing more than for Bette to pull it together and walk out of her office and continue with the show. That would be so great! Bette needs this show for her reputation, livelihood and her psyche. I love Bette! Somehow I suspect the resolution will not be nearly that simple. As readers we all see that Alice is bad news. We know Tina loves Bette. And Bette adores Tina. I still think it is asking a lot of Bette based upon Candace’s menacing threat and the despair caused by Alice. But I also know this great story is winding down and that hopefully equals a happy ending. We shall all see.

        • Were it not for the agreement that Bette would deal with Alice on her own BEFORE Tina would step in, Tina needed to have followed her spirit and told her crew that she was GOING to be with her wife and they could all meet back at the set at 1100PM, midnight, something!

          Movies are produced at all hours of the night as routine. Candace and Alice would not have rolled up on Bette with Tina there.

    7. WOW! I am SO elated by the discourse happening here!!! ???????????? So many wonderful thoughts and interpretations happening; it’s edifying to know this chapter has ignited so many passionate responses!

      I try to answer every comment I receive because I am always so appreciative of people taking the time to engage my story, but I don’t think I’m going to respond this time. I struggled to respond to many of the comments on the last chapter because I didn’t want to give away the twist in this chapter, and I’m struggling in the same way now. You all are asking, proposing, and hypothesizing so many great avenues to take this, but I fear my response will give away the few turns the story has left to take. I want every moment beyond this to be as igniting as this one – I may not be able to replicate the impetus that created this response, but that is my goal.

      I do want you all to know that I am deeply grateful for every reader, and I want to especially thank those of you who have commented – especially those of you who have commented on every chapter as you patiently waited for fleeting updates over the past 10 months – they serve as motivation to keep writing. ????????

      I do want one thing to be clear: I am a TiBetter through and through. This will end happily for Tina & Bette… though I cant promise the same for anyone else. ????

      I have been actively writing the next chapter and hope to post this weekend. If I can’t finish, I may split the chapter in two and upload the first half, but I’ll shoot to complete and upload the chapter as a whole. I have read every comment and will continue to read any new ones posted!

      As always, thanks for reading dear friends! ????????????☺️????????

    8. Wisdom on how to handle we rabid Tibetters has come I see! He He He ????. Just make one big reply and keep goin’ dear Lady.

      If U need to push a few charavcter off the cliff and tell God, they slipped, it’s OK by me????????

    9. Liz,
      Re-reading this sensual “thrillah” bc its FUN and I believe in addition to the insightful comments detailing our angst the fact that Candypoop has been planning her crap for almost 10 frickin’ YEARS!!!

      And has been in arm reach for a year. That’s creepy.

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