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    She’s Back

    Los Angeles – October 23, 2009- Friday Night

    Bette pulled the Lexus into her driveway, put it in park, and let out a deep breath.

    “What you thinkin’?” Kit asks. “You haven’t said anything the entire car ride home.”

    The brunette in the driver’s seat removed the keys out of the ignition and started to play with them in her hands. “I don’t really know. It all kind of seems like a dream- I can’t believe any of it. It’s like- I have no words.”

    “Well how do you feel then?”

    Puckering her lips, “pissed, angry, hurt, confused, worried. I feel like the last 10 years of our relationship weren’t fully genuine.”

    “Now how can you say something like that?” Kit asked as she reached over to still Bette’s hands. “Her feelings for you are real. You know this, I know this, hell everyone knows this.”

    “Yeah, well she obviously doesn’t care enough to tell me that she was a fucking fed and hid her entire life from me!”

    Taking a deep breath and trying to find the right words to say to her little sister, “look, she said she did it to protect you. From what? I’m not sure. She didn’t say. I’m sure you have plenty of things that you’ve never told Tina.”

    “Yeah, sure like what happened in the 10th grade…” the brunette said sarcastically. “How is that even remotely similar to her not telling me about this-especially if she is still involved which she obviously is otherwise she wouldn’t have rushed out the damn door.”

    “Well…what did she tell you when you asked about her past?”

    Bette sat silently for a few moments. “She never really talked about it-so I stopped bringing it up. She wanted to focus on the present, and I was fine with that.”

    “So, she never lied to you.”

    “No…she just never fucking brought it up. How do you not bring something like this up? I mean according to her, this was a very important job and she regarded these people as family which mean they are obviously important to her and she just didn’t ever mention it.”

    “She thought you would run away from her… she said before that she was never able to settle down because of her job.”

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    1. Hi,
      Really into this story now and cannot wait for your next post.
      Love the character you are giving Tina and am waiting for Bette to deal with it.
      Like the way Angie gives us the new Characters too.
      Please keep up the regular posts they make my weekends.

    2. Love this!!!

      I feel sorry for Bette that Angie already knows about Tina’s family and she didn’t know anything. It is a a real shock and now Tina is ready to go back in the work and face danger.

      Like Bette i would be confused, hurt and concerned too. But i would strongly advice Bette to tell Tina about Kelly.

      This is the time that they both be honest and tell each other everything and really start their life together anew.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • I felt a bit sorry for Bette myself while I wrote this, but I figured that since Bette and Tina weren’t together for awhile and that Tina was still in contact with her team, Tina would definitely have the team meet Angelica at some point.

        I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate the Kelly, Bette, and Jenny drama in the story as I don’t necessarily know how long it will be, but I have plenty of ideas!

        Thank you for the review, :)

    3. I still think that only one logical explanation that Tina from s1, s2 (when she allow Alice, Joyce and then Helena make all decisions for her) and s3 (when she never talk anything about people who saying she adopted Angelica) can be FBI agent it’s that Tina suffers from bipolar syndrome. And when Bette think that Helena her family (maybe Jenny too) – i think she’s suffers from this syndrome too

      • I’m not too sure where you are from as diagnosis of a mental health disorder are different depending on someone’s location, but in the United States, those are not symptoms of Bipolar Disorder Type 1 or Type 2.

        Additionally, what I am trying to get across is that Tina (who we see in seasons 5 and 6) seems to be more in control, demonstrates her intelligence both in interpersonal relationships and in the workplace, and a bit more alpha than what we originally saw in seasons 1-4, yet not afraid to be sympathetic and compassionate about what she cares about (family, friends, job, etc.).

        Tina has undoubtedly grown throughout the seasons but I don’t for a second believe that these are new characteristics of her. In The L Word, it alludes the fact that Tina lost her way when she was with Bette (the first time). Which also alludes that Tina once did have the strength and confidence beforehand. I politely don’t agree with you on Alice, Joyce and Helena controlling Tina in the second season. From my memory, Alice was simply giving advice to Tina on how to handle the separation from Bette. Joyce was her lawyer who helped her yet when she tried to make a move on Tina, Tina backed off, told her off, and got rid of her as a lawyer, and Helena was too controlling and she ended that as well.

        Bette on the other hand, when regarding Helena in later seasons, seems to be very welcoming to her. Especially in the sixth season when she agrees that she doesn’t want to see Helena get hurt by Dylan. There are no arguments with Helena throughout the 5th or 6th seasons between the two women that I can recall. Sure, while Bette not look at her as extraordinarily close like she would look at the others because she dated Tina, I think it could be related to the relationship between Bette and Alice (exes) and Helena and Tina (exes) in a sense that they get along with each other perfectly fine because they know they don’t belong together romantically but they could have a very powerful friendship.

        Thanks for the review,

        • When you try to compare Bette/Alice and Tina/Helena relationship you forgeting about one thing – Alice not trying destroyed any aspect of Tina’s life (like Helena in s2). I understand that Helena from s3 looks like brainwashed Helena from s2, but Bette is not. And i don’t think she could forget about it. Thats why i think for Bette Helena always will be only friend her friends.

          But in global sense i think it’s just not my story. Because – first – I’m just don’t think how Tina or Bette from TLW (you continue the original story after s6) can be feds or cops or etc. Like in s4, when they first met Tasha in bar and both joked about goverment and military. So for me it just absolutely out of their characters. Completly.
          And second I like stories when i can see that for both B&T they are the most important people in their lives (of course with their kids). In this story i’m just not see it

          • This story is completely fictional. I’m just using the characters from The L Word. I’m giving Tina a completely different past and backstory than the one she has on the show but I am using her characteristics of intelligence, sympathy, confidence, and compassionate as traits in this story. I’m using her relationships and other relationships on the show as inspiration.

            I don’t know about being completely out of character. I think the lioness in both Tina and Bette when it comes to doing anything to protect Angie stands out. I think some of the characteristics I listed above would definitely be pluses for an FBI agent. While I don’t necessarily think TV show hotshot Chief Development Executive Tina Kennard would be ready to join the academy and profile serial killers… in my story, based on the fictional backstory I’m giving her and the additional characters I’m introducing..she does.

            I’m using some of the things that happened throughout the seasons to create a story for people to read and hopefully enjoy.

            If you don’t like the story, you can discontinue reading it. I’m not here to continually go back and forth to defend my story. Every story on Lesfan does not have to be liked by everyone reading it as we all have our own tastes.

            As a lesbian myself and someone who loves The L Word, I decided to write this story. Additionally, as a Criminology and Sociology major with a stacked bookshelf of true crime books and someone suffering from a current binge watching case of criminal minds, I decided why not see if I can combine two of my interests (The L Word and True Crime) because I haven’t read many stories like the one I’m creating.

            I do hope you like it and open your mind a bit as the story continues to develop.


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