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    Showing up

    “Tina, I can’t believe you’re here.”

    “Angie called me. It’s been all over the news and trending on social media. Are you okay?”

    “No, no I’m not. When I opened the door and saw you standing there, I thought you were a vision. I was just about to tell the press outside that I’m dropping out of the race.”

    “Why are you dropping out? I’ve never known you to be a quitter Bette, and I certainly wouldn’t want to set that as an example for Angie.”

    “Angie is the reason I’m doing it Tina. I can’t keep getting her entangled in my messes. She could have been seriously hurt last night. What if that asshole had a gun or knife or something? He was coming after me, and she put herself in the way. She was protecting me.”

    Bette breaks down and almost falls to the floor when the enormity of what could have happened finally hits her. She’d been functioning on adrenaline and caffeine all morning, but it was as if her body waited for Tina to get there before she crashed. Tina was her bedrock. Time and time again she’d just show up when Bette needed her most. It didn’t matter that they were no longer married, and that Tina had fallen in love with someone else. Even if Angie had not called her, she would have come.

    Together with Angie and their closest friends they were a family. Families stuck together in time of need. Tina gathers the sobbing woman into her arms and walks her to the master bedroom to lie down. Once Bette is settled, Tina goes to find Shane.


    Tina greets Shane who was still sitting on the couch looking stunned. She’d been at Bette’s side doing her best to offer support in whatever capacity Bette needed, but all she found herself doing was agreeing to whatever Bette wanted including dropping out of the race. She would never have challenged her the way Tina did.

    Other than her own ex-wife Quiara showing up out of the blue a few days ago, Tina was the last person Shane expected to see, but on the other hand she wasn’t all that surprised. They hug for a long time. When Shane starts to question Tina’s sudden appearance, she just says that Angie called and brushes it off. “Shane sweetie, we’ll talk later okay. Right now, I need to take care of my family. Bette told me that you can take Angie to the DMV for her driving test?”

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    1. Happy to see you so fast with another story.

      As long the outcome is a Tibette endgame i will read it.

      I am still heartbroken about the last episode. The hurt and tears on Bette’s face, that made me cry too 😥 The emotions both Bette and Tina had so visible on their faces.

      Both Jennifer and Laurel are such amazing actresses and are able to let me forget that it is just fiction, but wow, they both blow me away!!!!

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