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    Tina was sat on the floor of her office, slowly going through some paperwork that her accountant had asked for. There was a light knock on the door and Sam, her manager for the café, popped her head around the door.

    “Tina, I know you’re busy there is a lady asking for you,”

    “For me?”

    “Yeah, she said you know her,”

    “Okay, erm I’ll come out,” Tina said, slowly pushing herself up.

    Tina walked into the coffee shop part of the store, she owned the corner building they were based in, with two entrances one into the coffee shop and one into the book store, they were linked by a glass door inside. Both were large and both sides made good money for her.

    Tina looked over the counter and saw Alice, a woman she’d also not seen in seventeen years.

    “It is you,” Alice said slowly.

    “Erm Alice, please follow me,” Tina said, not wanting this to happen in public. “Casey, can you bring us two coffee please when you get a minute,”

    “Sure Tina,” The young girl behind the counter said.

    Alice followed Tina into the back where her office was, smallish room, that looked well lived in, a small sofa along one wall, a desk, chair and mac in front of the window. Along one walls were shelves filled with books and paper work and over the sofa was a rare painting that Tina had bought years ago. As they entered the room, Tina gestured towards the sofa.

    “Please take a seat,”

    “Thank you,” Alice said as Casey came in with the coffees.

    “If you need me please come and get me,”

    “Will do,” The young girl left again.

    Alice was amazed. She’d never thought she’d see Tina again.

    “When Bette said she’d seen on Saturday night I didn’t believe it.” Alice started. “You couldn’t be here,”

    “Why couldn’t I be here?”

    “I don’t know,”

    Tina smiled softly.

    “I’m sorry Alice,”

    “For what?” Alice looked confused,

    “Leaving and never contacting anyone,”

    “The police said you were safe but not wanting to be found,”

    “I needed space,”

    “Seventeen years worth of space,” Alice bit out looking slightly shocked.

    “Maybe not that long, but the more time passed the harder it was. You know,”

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    1. Thanks for the update… Bette has had a child and Tina as a result of an car accident cannot have children. A seventeen year separation is a very long time… good to take things slow and get to know one another. Keep it coming.

    2. Sorry to hear Covid catched you, hope you feel better.

      They should take it slow, a lot has happened. They need to talk about the past and then move forward.

      Bette with a daughter, Tina with her accident which left childless and the resent scare with i think breast cancer?

      Enjoy this story already!

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