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    Sisterly love

    Bette walked into the Planet and smiled as her sister put the finishing touches to their lunch. Kit pointed to table away from everyone Bette nodded and walked over, she sat down putting her purse down she took her phone out and laughed at the photo of Tina and Xavier that Matt, another male nurse had sent to her, it showed Tina and Xavier in the pool. Both of them smiling.

    Kit walked over and put two subs and two coffees down and sat with her sister.

    “How are you?” Kit asked,

    “I’m okay. Fed up with some stuff.”

    “You mean Alice,”

    “You know,”

    “Baby girl, Alice has a mouth the size of Canada. She was in here yesterday ranting about you and Tina, I’ve banned her.”

    “You didn’t have too,”

    “Girl, she’s never paid her tab. She’s banned for the foreseeable. I don’t want her bad mouthing my sister and her wife. Two people I care about. Love even. You need to totally cut her. Maybe get a restaining order.”

    “Should I?” Bette asked, picking up her coffee.

    “Bette sometimes! Well you are a bright woman but you’re sacred that people are going to leave you like your mom did. I know it’s hard. But you don’t need people in your life like Alice in your life. You’ve got open your eyes. She’s bad mouthing your wife. The mother of your son. You need to break ties.” Kit said honestly.

    “I’ll contact Gavin.” Bette said,

    Kit nodded.

    “Is Tina taking her sleeping pills again?”

    “Yeah, she slept all last night, I woke up three times and she was there every time. I think Matt, the nurse that’s with her today gets on with her well and he told her not to mess with her mediation.”

    “Something you should have told her,”

    “It’s not always that easy when you’re close to someone,”

    “I know baby girl. Sometimes with things that are that important you need to put your foot down. You’re too soft sometimes. I think it’s because you love her so much. But she’s mentally ill. You don’t recover from metal illness you simply manage it. She can’t mess with her medication because she’s going to fall deeper into the pit, we have to encourage her to stay healthy.”

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    1. Alice is still at it. But at least Shane and Kit are on to her. And Tina is back on her meds. That Alice had been banned from the Planet is only going to fuel her rage. And no Shane to vent to. Where, when and how will she explode??? Hey Bette? Update your gallery and homeowners insurance! Maybe a few new cameras?

    2. Wonderful update!

      Great to see Bette and Kit connect and so good that Bette finally listened to Kit’s advice to get a restraning order against Alice.

      Surprised that Shane blocked Alice’s number, would have thought she would try to find a balance between her and Tibette. Good decision!

      But i really don’t think we have heard the last of Alice. She will be Furious that Bette kicked her out, Kit banned her from the Planet and Shane blocking her number. She really hates Tina and blames her for everthing. Watch out for her.

      A vacation will be good for them. And very good Tina takes all her medication. I know first hand how a person can struggle and accept that they need the medication that’s help them to get stable and make a good life.

    3. Finally, Bette is going to take some action against Alice. I cannot believe she had to have Kit instruct her to do before she did. Things seem to be going well for the Porter-Kennard’s. But I think its a bit soon for a vacation. Bette only been on her new schedule what two or three days. Tina is just now getting into a daily routine which is slightly different now that Bette isn’t home most of the day…. so I would plan a vacation, but it should be two or three months out. Routines are what gives children and parent stability. And there has been plenty of disruption of their lives over the last few months. Vacations are intended to disrupt a routine… do something different.

      Oh and nurses generally have families of their own….spur of the moment vacations may not be convenient.

      Bette and Tina’s vacations have yet to work out real well…. first trip to NY called short because Tina’s friend burned her house to the ground. Trip which included marriage and honey moon cut short because Tina was having seizures. So this gets cut short because of what? Alice? I see feel some bad vibes about this vacation.

      Thanks for the chapter….

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