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    Warner Bro. Studios

    The Alice Show Sound Stage

    3400 Warner Blvd.



    United States of America.


    “Good afternoon and welcome to the show,” Alice said smiling into the camera. “Today I’m very honoured to have my guest today has won the nomination for President by accident, by which I mean she was in there to make up the numbers and has become the youngest nomination in history. I am standing with her. Please welcome my long term friend Tina Kennard,”

    The audience cheered as Tina stepped onto the stage. She was wearing a grey skirt suit with a lovely crisp white shirt. Her heels clicking as she waved at the audience, she smiled. she was very nervous. She hugged Alice and took a seat. Alice sat looking at her, she was very proud of her friend.

    “Welcome to the show Tina,”

    “Thank you for having me,” Tina smiled. trying to forget that she had a crowd and camera watching her. she was only just getting used to it.

    “You’re here so that the nation can get to know you,” Alice said, “How would you describe yourself?” Alice asked.

    “Well, I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, I’m a wife, I’m a friend, I hope a good one,”

    “Yes you are, I should just put out there we’ve known each other for just short of twenty years, the same amount of time you’ve know your wife,”

    “Yes,” Tina smiled. “You were good friends with Bette when I first meet her.” Tina remembered. “The first time I meet you we were in a bar in West Hollywood and you were telling me very passionate about how women are interconnected.”

    “I remember that, you were shocked and you were also making eyes at Bette Porter,”

    “I was,” Tina smiled.

    “We know you want to keep your private life private however President Michaels has said some things on twitter which must have been upsetting to you and your family?”

    Tina took a deep breath,

    “Yes, he has. He has brought up a situation that in my eyes has been resolved. He has decided to dig into my past and find something that emotional hurt me and he is trying to use it against myself and my wife. My wife did something stupid seven years ago, it could have ended our marriage but it didn’t. It took us time but we fix the problems between us, rebuilt our relationship and now have a health and happy marriage. I’m not going to get into a personal fight with the President. I’m not going to get into this with him. He has no idea what happens when I close the door at night.”

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