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    Six MInutes





    Recluse artist Tina Kennard uploaded 25 10×08 limited edition paintings onto her website at 00.00PMT this morning and they had all sold out six minutes later.

    Kennard who runs her own studio Tina Kennard Studios, uploaded the photos of the pieces with a massive watermark and copy right logo on each piece in her Fire and Flames collection. Each painting is an image made up of flames. There are 25 in the set however only 21 went on sale, numbers 22, 23 and 24 were on the site however said they had been ‘given to friends who make my life better’ and the final piece number 25 which is different from all the other painting is a part pencil part paint image which under it said ‘for my wife, my lover, my best friend and the woman who is on this road for me for life.’

    Kennard is married to gallery owner Bette Porter, who was tight lipped about her wife’s collection. She is not involved in any way with Tina Kennard Studios.

    No one expected the other 21 to sell out so quickly as they were priced at $25,000 each including shipping, however within six minutes they were gone. You could only buy one per person as Kennard did not want collectors buying them all. She has stated if anyone has bought two they would need to choose the one they want and the other will go back on sale.

    Kennard has become a success after a group show in New York and then her own show at the Bette Porter Gallery.

    Kennard is yet to release a statement with regards to her selling out. but did writer on her studios official twitter which has just opened @TheTInaKennardStudio- Thank you everyone, six minutes. I can’t believe it. I’m not a music act or an entertain her but my work has taken off. thank you. I will get them out as soon as possible.




    Tina was moving around the gallery, boxing up each and every piece to be shipped she knew the FEDEX man would be there soon to take them all. She was boxing the last one when Bette walked.

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    1. Love the fast updates and don’t mind a bit they are short.

      What a big success for Tina, sold in six minutes, really impressive!

      I would love to have a pool outside, it is so hot the last week and will continue to probably Saturday.

      Thanks again!

    2. I do not think that Kelly would have not known that the series was about to be released. I still suspect that she will do something obnoxious like hijack the Fed Ex truck. That would put Tina in a world of hurt – having the money but the customers not having the product.

      Nice for Tina to build a pool. But I thought they had a pool. That was one of the things that Bette had added to the plans Tina designed. Perhaps not, maybe I’m mistaken. I thought the studio walk was beside the pool and outdoor entertainment area.

      Nice story…. keep it coming…

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