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    Six Months – NEW Version

    After being away for six weeks in Bridgeport coming home to Angie with Logan was a joyous occasion. The couple cocooned in their home for the first month as they adjusted to family life with an infant and six-year-old. Naturally their friends wanted to barge in to see the baby but were held off. The request to respect their wishes without exception came as a shock to everyone especially Alice for whom intrusiveness in the most intimate aspects of their lives had become the norm, but Bette and Tina held their stance.

    Boundaries and protecting their privacy was one of the things the couple had discussed at length during their stay in Bridgeport. Bette and Tina took full responsibility for listening to unsolicited advice and allowing interference from well-meaning family and friends but in retrospect could see how detrimental it was to the health of their relationship. Now that they were home, they had every intention of putting themselves and the needs of their family first and foremost, even if feelings got hurt.


    Angie was beside herself with excitement. She couldn’t get enough of her little brother which Bette and Tina encouraged but her enthusiasm had to be tempered. They taught Angie that Logan wasn’t like one of her dolls. She had to be super careful to love and care for her baby brother safely. They had rules about feeding and picking him up which she was not allowed to do unless strictly supervised by one of their parents.

    As Logan grew older, they gave Angie a bit more leeway especially at playtime. Her favorite pastime was laying together on Logan’s playmat. Him on his back, she on her tummy with her elbows bent and her head resting on her palms looking down at him and making faces or talking to him. They were adorable together. Logan soon recognized and started reaching out for his sister and smiling when he saw her.

    As his personality formed, they noticed he was most energetic and playful during the day. He also had a mischievous streak which they discovered when he first pulled Angie’s hair and she squealed ouch. He laughed then reached for her neck to pull her into a cuddle, but the minute her braid was within reach he grabbed it again. It became a game that had them both laughing hysterically especially when Angie would exaggerate her squeals or blow on his tummy.

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    1. Excellent! Jenny is most likely on her way to the clink and Jodie and Kelly and even Tom may be right behind her. Yes!! What will Bette see on the video? Can’t wait! I am so glad that Bette is getting this chance to do all of the mom things she might have missed with Angie. She has wanted this so very much. And to get to witness every change and milestone regarding Logan. I love that they are documenting everything. I also like the way you incorporate James and Lisa and Kit and Sonny. They are all truly a happy family. This is the happiness that Bette and Tina as a couple so richly deserve. This is the success that Tina had worked for and has earned. This is the story that the viewers were deprived of and all so desperately crave. Thanks for righting some of the ridiculous wrongs from the series. There’s drama and then there’s sloppy story telling. You are a talented writer and you are fixing their mess. All of your readers are undoubtedly so very grateful. Now can you please hang around to possibly tackle season 2 of GQ? You may just be called upon for a total rewrite.

      “They’d done their best to co-parent Angie but because of the tumultuousness of their relationship between the time she was born until she turned four there was always an underlying factor that marred their true happiness. They suffered a lot of pain, anger, loss of trust, vengefulness, and acrimony while separated but they fought their way back. Their deep-seated love and passion couldn’t be denied or suppressed, and now that they were reunited, they looked forward to a blissful future.” Yes! They did fight their way back. They both wanted it snd worked very hard. Endured a lot. Still are. Hopefully that is coming to some just resolution. Still, their future looks bright and happy, finally. Great story.

      • Billy, thank you.

        Bette and Alex will deal with the evildoers and all will get what they deserve, but Bette’s focus truly is on her wife and children now. You are so right about all that she missed with Angie but I think Tina and Angie also suffered a great loss not having Bette in their lives as a loving partner and mother for all those years.

        Angie certainly suffered being bounced back and forth between them and living with their different partners (specifically Jodi and Henry). She didn’t really form strong bonds with her parents which was very evident when she called Kit’s boyfriend ‘Daddy’.

        The child barely spoke in the few scenes she was in but another notable scene was when she was in the car with her parents and Bette had just broken up with Jodi and Angie blurted out ‘Jodi’ when she heard her parents say her name. Tina immediately said something like we need to figure out a way to keep Jodi in her life – I was like is she f*ing kidding me?

        So getting to raise Logan together in a loving familial bonded relationship is extremely special for all of them. Bette was with Angie for the first six months so her time so far with Logan is familiar but as he grows older and she gets to experience every single milestone like when he crawls, then takes his first step without anyone holding his hands, or says Mama clearly or calls Angie’s name etc. That’s going to be mind blowing for all three of them to share, Bette and Tina are strong as couple, they are communicating, they are creating great bonding experiences for Angie and Logan to form loving sibling relationships, they are pursuing professional and personal endeavors as a team. Not to say they won’t have issues adjusting to their lives with two kids, and especially moving to New York, but they are well-equipped to manage whatever comes their way.

        As for GenQ season 2 – I don’t plan to watch it so anything I write will be with a different outcome regardless.

        As always really appreciate how deeply invested you are in these characters and your analysis of the stories. I took your comments to heart on the previously chapter and it really helped with the re-write.

        Take care and stay safe.

        • This is so perfect. This story makes so much sense!!! One of the things I love about your writing is your inclusion of Angie. I remember this so much about your writing. The loving touches – Bette collecting angels for Angie – hiding the note in the sand – 25 kisses – in my daughter’s eyes – brought tears to my eyes. As a divorced parent there were times when I cringed during the original series. Where’s Angie I would yell at the screen. I worried she was off too much with Kit or the sitter far too much. Her saying Jodie also made me cringe and calling Sonny daddy was predictable but so sad. So yes, you right those wrongs through Logan and Angie being the loving big sister. This is truly excellent writing. I always wondered how Laurel and Jennifer felt about them being portrayed as part time parents. Thanks for fixing this through your story. And thank you for the kind remarks. It is an honor and comment on read your stories.

    2. Okay, this is the Bette and Tina of Bridgeport…..this is the partnership and love affair they have worked to hard to get to. Things are going as planned and they are working together to make their family a happy one. Things are falling into place with respect to Jenny and the district attorney will be pressing criminal charges at least for the thief of the film and probably for the peeping Tom issues as well. Jodi? Well, there is still a matter of if there is enough evidence to bring a civil suit but a properly worded lawyer’s letter and threat of a suit against the Hammon and its director will bring some form of a settlement about. And that may be what needs to happen with Kelly as well. Kelly’s gallery will be nothing without Bette, but it will be just fine without Kelly. I believe that Bette would be better off to sever any business relations with Kelly before she goes to New York, but she needs to protect James from getting harmed in the crossfire. James has been far too loyal and much too good of a friend to be just left dangling as a result of a dispute between Bette and Kelly. Hopefully Alex can work her magic and get Kelly out of the picture, leave James in charge of the gallery and allow Bette to begin her new life with Tina and children in New York to pursue whatever she wants to do.

      I must say, this rewrite gives me much more comfort in Bette and Tina’s relationship. I feel that their Bridgeport trip has really made a difference in their relationship. Not only did they bring home their son, but they have a friend in Marci and a deeper level of bonding between Bette and Tina.

      I do hope they share the information with Marci that they found on Logan’s father. She needs to know that her lover and friend did not desert her purposely.

      Thanks for the revisions…. Thanks for the chapter….

      • Hi Martha. Thank you.

        So glad that this revision has accomplished what I had intended in the first place. Bette and Tina definitely made some significant strides in their relationship during the time in Bridgeport and they are not going back to how things used to be. They are working together as a team and keeping their well-meaning friends and family out of their personal business.

        Bette and Alex will work together to make sure that Jenny, Jodi and Kelly all get what is coming to them. There is no evidence that Jenny stole the Lez Girls negatives, but she is definitely facing criminal charges for the peeping tom and the Kelly video. If Alex’s investigator can tie her to Jodi’s Core exhibit those charges will be added.

        James will most definitely be protected and taken care of – he will not be caught in the crossfire between Kelly and Bette. I don’t think either Bette or James should give up the gallery so the plan is to get Kelly out.

        As for telling Marci about Tommy’s accidental death let’s assume they have.

        Thank you for your comments on the previous chapter, as I did take them to heart and it helped tremendously with this revision, and the one I am writing for chapter 13.

        Take care and stay safe.

      • Bibi28 Thank you.

        So glad the revised version worked so much better than the first. It really helps to have readers like you to help form the story. Really appreciate your input.

        Take care and stay safe.

      • Hi SassyGran. thank you.

        I think I was the one with the ‘jumbled mind’ when I wrote the chapter. Thanks for helping me to straighten things out. The new Chapter 13 will give a better introduction of Alex Corbin as she and Bette work out the legal maneuverings to get rid of Jenny, Jodi and Kelly once and for all.

        Take care and stay safe.

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