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    Tina lay looking at the ceiling of her bedroom. Beside her she could hear her wife breathing softly. she looked at her, just taking her in. she felt lucky that she had found this woman, that this woman was sticking by her through everything. Tina sat up and reached for her notebook and wrote ‘in my studio’ on a piece a paper. She put this onto her pillow. She got up and put on a tank top and baggy trousers. She put her flip flops on. She checked with Xavier and then headed outside. She turned all the lights on in studio lighting it up. She walked over to her drawing board, and took out a new piece of card. She opened the draws to one side of the table and took out some watercolours. She rarely used. She picked up a small glass and filled it with water.

    She started to pain, the tress in the garden, the sun setting over the mountains at the back of the house. She could picture what she had seen this evening as she had sat with Bette.

    She lost track of time as she sat painting. Her small brush strokes. The details in the picture was amazing, as usual. Her head was down and her mind was open to the painting.

    Bette walked down and made herself and Tina a hot chocolate and headed out to the studio. She walked in and smiled at Tina working away

    “Hey,” Bette said softly.

    “Hi, sorry did I wake you,”

    “No baby, I brought you hot chocolate.”

    “Thanks,” Tina put the brush down and took the mug that her wife offered her.

    “That’s amazing,”

    “I used to work with watercolours a lot but put them away a few years ago when I started doing the bigger canvas’s but tonight watching the sunset I wanted to use it again.”

    “You’re such a talented woman, baby,” Bette kissed the top of her wife’s head.

    Tina smiled at her wife’s praise. She loved it.

    “I’m sorry I’m awake in the middle the of the night again,”

    “Yeah, its okay. Honey. You didn’t run.” Bette said softly. “Seeing the note on your pillow helped. Seeing you in here, just makes my heart sing. Seeing you painting is everything. You do need to sleep. This can be done after eight hours of sleep.”

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    1. “Fine whatever Porter when you’re divorce her because she’s completely crazy you know where to find me,”

      Okay. Here’s the deal – Bette did you hear that? Hear what she said? You are willing to potentially be friends with that viper again one day? You know where to find me? The arrogance! Bette needs to block her number. Today. Tina needs to block her number. Today. Bette need to tell Shane what is going on. Today. They need male nurses at the house. Today. James needs to enforce Bette’s directive. Today. And she needs to rethink EVER giving this self absorbed, jealous lunatic the freaking time of day!! Today Bette!!!!

      Okay. I can breathe. That Tina is painting is good. That she is not sleeping and making decisions about messing with her medication is very very bad. Steps forward Tina. No regression. Especially as we all know where Alice is headed next. You pack a lot in a short chapter.

      • Bette hates burning bridges, not wanting anyone to “leave” her for any reason, but she needs to hear Alices’ spiteful words and disrespectful “‘tude”! She is showing who she is, so BELIEVE her Bette!!!

        Ta boot, she is ACTIVELY promoting what she hopes is Bette & Tinas’ demise in marriage & livelihoods!!!

      • Tina stopping her medication is VERY concerning. Glad you brought this up. Its a slippery slope. Painting in the middle of the night is not healthy. I have said this before, this is a lot for Bette to handle, who is taking care of Bette?

        • Frankly, I think Bette is hanging by a thread. And Alice’s nonsense may be the last straw. This is not a distraction Bette needs. Tina’s inability to sleep started this cycle before. I find it all very troublesome. Takes enough energy to care for an infant. Bette must be bone tired. Add a premie with special needs into the mix. Tina owes it to Bette and Xavier and herself to take her medications and eat and sleep and rest. And I think her painting in the middle of the night instead of sleeping, as talented as she is, is NOT a good thing! That she didn’t leave again is actually a pretty sad commentary.

    2. Alice needs help…. but not from Bette, Tina, Shane or James…. She has been told what three times and kicked out at least three or four times for saying the same thing… not just in some gossipy manner but to Bette personally. Each time she makes some snide remark that Bette and Tina’s relationship is not for real or that Tina is crazy Bette throws her out. What is it going to take a two by four slap to the head? What does Alice hope to accomplish by this incessant line of attack with Bette. Bette is never going to get over this…she is never going to forget this. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly thinking you are going to get a different result. For the most part, that never happens.

      Oh, yes, and Bette needs to inform Kit as well of what is going on with Tina. She needs to make sure that she does not have problems with her at The Planet. And I thought a restraining order was appropriate when she showed up at the gallery drunk during that show. And how did she know Bette would be at the Gallery? This is Bette’s first day on her new schedule. Sounds to me like she is stalking Bette. So get a restraining order and make a potential stalker complaint. Time to take some legal action.

      Thank you for this update…..

    3. Since Alice will not leave Tibette alone after Bette told her Bette needs to take the next step. Since Bette has influence and money she needs to contact the underworld. They could send someone to give Alice one warning and one warning only to scare the shit out of her. She would stay away from the house and gallery and run like hell if Tibette showed up at the Planet. The phone calls would well. Sometimes a strongly delivered threat would cure someone of being a stalker.

    4. Wow, Alice just doesn’t know when to stop. I hope she isn’t stupid enough to go to the house, who am I kidding this is Alice we’re talking about here. Let’s just hope Tina can handle it and calls the police as soon as she shows up.

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