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    Slow and Steady

    “And what do you think?”

    “I spoke with Gigi and she agrees with Dani,”

    “What do you think, you Bette. You the President, you the woman, you my lover?” Tina asked sitting up and taking Bette in, she was wearing a tank top and long slung yoga pants that had seen better days. Her feet bare. Her hair tied at the nape of her neck, she looked younger than her 57 years.

    “I want to keep you safe,” Bette whispered. “Away from praying eyes”

    “You’re the President, that’s not going to happen.”

    “I’m so proud of you,”

    “I know, I’m proud of you too Bette. I want to be with you. I shouldn’t let the haters into my head but that’s not how my mind works. I love you. I want to stand proudly beside her. Yet…” Tina stop. Looking at her arms which were exposed as she was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt. Something she rarely did.

    “Yet what?”

    “Yet I’m scared I’m going to harm your career, I love you and I don’t want…”

    “Listen to me Tina Kennard. Since you walked into my gallery there has only ever been you. My career can go completely off the rails for all I care if I have you. Right now I’m President, I’d like to not be a one term President but that’s something I’ve got to worry about in the future. I’m six months into the job. I want to marry you, settle into this life with you. I don’t care what the world wants from me. I want to come home to you. be with you. you’re the love of my fucking life and I know I’m with you for life. As long as you’ll have me.”

    “OF course,”

    Tina reached out for Bette and pulled her close, holding each other.

    “Right, babe, you need your medication and you’ve got an appointment with your mental health nurse and I’m going to try and read this report before we head back to Washington.”

    “Yes ma’am,”

    “Oh save it for the bedroom,” Bette laughed as she got up,

    “Babe, we’re in the bedroom.” Tina laughed as she got up, looking at her legs that both had dressings on.

    “We are, and you’re in not state for me to take you but trust me, when you’re ready you’ll be screaming my name.” Bette laughed as she walked into the bathroom.

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