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    Slow and Steady

    Tina shook her head, smiling to herself.


    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Tina lay on the sofa, her eyes closed. Something had happened as, as soon as they had arrived at the White House Bette had gone to the Oval office. She hadn’t looked happy either. Tina decided to rest, her medication was making her sleepy. She heard the door of the residency open and slam shut. She jumped a little and slowly sat up as Bette walked in. Bette looked at Tina and she felt herself relax at once.

    “You look like you’re about to pull your hair out.”

    “I’ve just had a rather heated debate.”

    “About?” Tina sat herself up as Bette walked over and sat down next to her.



    “Yes, you.”

    “Wh…Why?” Tina asked suddenly scared.

    Bette reached out and took her girlfriends hand. She brought it to her lips and gently kissed the palm of her hand.

    “They want us to go public with living together and that our relationship is forever and not just for now. I want to do this on our terms and not theirs.”

    “I don’t want to let you down,” Tina’s voice was tiny,

    “You could never let me down.”

    “My health…”

    “Is private business. Unless you want to talk about it we don’t. I’m not expecting you to bare all, Ti, I just want people to leave us alone and if we give them a little they will stay away a little.”

    “I love you, I do. I’m just scared.”

    “I know babe. It’s okay.”

    “Are we in this together?”

    “Always.” Bette said softly as she reached up and gently hooked Tina’s hair behind her ear.

    “I love you Bette Porter.”

    “I love you,” Bette kissed her softly. “I don’t want the press haunting you down. I want to keep you safe.”

    Tina put her head onto Bette’s shoulder.

    “I’m safe with you,” Tina said softly.

    Bette smiled softly. She really just wanted to keep Tina as safe as possible.

    “I’ll keep you safe,” Bette vowed.

    “Thank you,”

    Bette took a deep breath as they curled up together. Tina resting against her woman.

    “Can we just post a photo of us and a tweet or something short?” Tina asked.

    “Yeah if that’s what you want to do it,”

    “It is, I don’t want to the be centre of attention that should always be you,”

    Bette smiled

    “You’re the centre of my world.” Bette whispered.

    Tina smiled at the kind words of her partner. Bette took out her person cell phone and turned the camera on, taking a set of selfies, they smiled, laughed, joked and kissed into the camera and Bette knew that she wanted to share some of them.


    The Press.

    The New York Times.

    New York press online service.





    President Bette Porter has shared a series of photographs on her Instagram page which show her with her girlfriend Dr Tina Kennard. The photos show the couple in the White House, and even includes one of them sharing kiss. A short Statement by the President was published with the photos that read

    “Life is too short for not following your heart. I’m six months into the greatest job in our country and now I’m sharing that road with Dr Tina Kennard. We live together full time and she’s everything to me. Tina completes my world and I’m very lucky that she has chosen to come back to me. The love we share is the same as any other couple in this land. Our private life is between Tina and I. We are sharing this photos to show that we are a couple, that we live together and live a very normal life. I will serve you all in the best way I know how and I will carry on loving this woman with all my heart”

    Tina Kennard’s socials have all been disabled.

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