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    Softly, Tenderly

    Bette had been really impressed and excited over the preliminary contract Tina showed her. She gave her suggestions over negotiations and laughed when Tina relayed that Peggy was correct in her assumption that Bette would want to be involved. She read the contract while they shared dinner and Tina joyously recalled the details of the day. They were sharing quick and sweet glances now that dinner was coming to an end.

    “Mm… Bette. That was sooo good.”

    “Really? You like it? It’s a new recipe; I was nervous about how it’d come out.”

    “Like it?! Parmesan crusted flounder with lemon cream sauce may be my new favorite dish. This was delicious. I’m truly impressed with your culinary skills.”

    Bette blushes; shy over the compliment. “Thanks T, but I think you had a few more skills in the kitchen as me. You pay such close attention to the presentation details and garnish; I think it really pulls everything together. I feel I’m often rushing to make sure all the dishes are cooked and still hot by the time we’re ready to eat.”

    Tina reaches over and rubs patterns over the back of Bette’s hand. “You’re a great cook Bette, and you’ve never served me under-cooked or cold food.”

    Tina looks down at their hands before looking back at Bette.

    “I’d like to spend time cooking together. I think it’d be fun and a great bonding experience.”

    Tina turns Bette’s hand over, so their hands are palm to palm as her fingertips caress Bette’s wrist.

    “I know the events around you learning to cook were less than pleasant, so I want to create new memories of the kitchen… loving and fun memories. Could we do that Baby?”

    “Ye–” Bette clears the emotion from her throat. “Yes… I’d like that very much.”

    Tina brings Bette’s hand to her mouth, kissing the palm. They stare intensely at each other; both feeling the return of simmering desire that had been laying seemingly under the surface for the past two weeks.  Several minutes pass in silence – the desire not abating – before Bette pulls her hand back to take a drink of water; uncertain of her actions moving forward. Pushing the passion to the side, both women return to their dinner. After they finish, Bette stands and begins to collect the plates.

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    1. Love the update. Such a sweet evening between the two of the. You could feel the energy between them…..Tina with some teasing and Bette’s resolve not to push Tina into sex being tested to the limits! You did a wonderful job in setting the scene and allowing our couple to show their love for each other! Thank you!

    2. Nice… They certainly were ready for this night. Tina was almost panicked that Bette was going to refuse. After sleeping with her for two weeks, she has every reason to be desperate. They both deserved this night and so much more.

      Thanks for the chapter… can’t wait for more….

    3. Beautiful and it certainly didn’t disappoint!!!

      It was well written and you could feel their love and desire for each other. They trust each other and this made their connection only stronger.

      Thank you!

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