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    Soothing Her Sorrow

    Bette drove Tina to her house after leaving the ER. As she parks in the driveway, Tina
    takes note of the neighborhood. ”Wow! I didn’t expect the famous Bette Porter to live in the
    suburbs. What do women think when you bring them here?”

    Bette put her head down, slightly hurt by the insinuation. She whispers, ”I’ve never
    brought a woman here. Bringing someone to your house and letting them sleep in your bed
    is something you do when you’re in a committed relationship; I haven’t been in a
    relationship since college. Plus, I like the suburbs. I like the quiet after working in the city
    all day. I hope to have kids someday, and I think this would be a great house and
    neighborhood to raise them in.” Bette stops slightly embarrassed. ”We should go inside

    Bette starts to get out of the car but is stopped by Tina. ”Hey, I’m sorry. That wasn’t
    fair. I don’t mean to make assumptions about you. You’re not what I expected.” Tina smiles.
    “I like this house; thanks for bringing me here… thank you for everything.”

    Bette sighs knowing it’s going to be hard to overcome her reputation. ”You don’t have to
    thank me Tina.” Bette gets out of the car and walks over to Tina’s door holding her hand
    out. ”Let’s get inside now.”

    Tina grabs her bag and then takes Bette’s offered hand. Bette helps her out of the car
    and locks up as they walk to her front door. Bette let’s Tina inside, turning on the lights, and
    locks the door behind her after they’re both inside. ”Wow Bette, this is beautiful! I love all
    the artwork! You’re a great decorator.”

    Bette blushes as she looks away. ”Thank you, Tina. It looks nice but it’s not exactly
    ’homey,’ it’s not as warm and inviting as I would like it to feel.”

    Tina lifts Bette’s chin so they’re looking at one another. ”I think it’s very inviting
    Bette, and the warmth will come when you have your family.”

    Tina sees the tears welling in Bette’s eyes. Bette begins to feel too vulnerable and
    breaks the eye contact. She clears her throat as she begins walking towards the hall. ”Um,
    let me show you to the bathroom.”

    Bette walks Tina to the in-suite bathroom in her bedroom. Tina immediately goes to
    the sink and begins washing her hands and face. Bette moves to the tub and begins to
    prepare the bath. She fills the tub with hot water, bubbles, salts, bath bombs; then lights
    candles around the tub and bathroom. Tina walks over and asks for help. ”Bette? Would
    you help me undress and get into the tub? I’m a little sore and could use the assistance.”
    ”Of course, Tina.” Bette helps Tina disrobe and then holds her steady as she gets
    into the water. As Tina settles in the water Bette gets up to leave. ”Let me give you some

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    1. Wow….what a story. Very realistic. Even though I have never experienced the anything close to the violence written about here, it seems very real. I imagine that Tina is still somewhat in shock about the whole thing. Bette is doing all the right things to be supportive of Tina. I look forward to the next chapters…..I’m not going to call this a nice story. But it certainly is a story worth reading…

    2. Well what a story.

      I like the way you write and impart information.

      You have left me waiting, impatiently for the next post, please don’t disappoint.

      I so hate cliffhangers:-)

      Thank you for the posts.


    3. Hi Elizabeth, I have been reading your story on the other site. Nice to see you here.

      Bette is so gentle and sweet tending to Tina. I have never seen this caring side of Bette before and I like it. I hope Tina’s ok. All that shouting is making me worried.

      • Hi Jordan! Thank you for reading! 🙏🏾

        I LOVE a caring Bette! Throughout the seasons of The L Word, I could see glimpses of a caring, devoted Bette. I like to think that is her natural demeanor, but she hides it because of her fears of being seen as weak and vulnerable.

        Posting on here is different than the other site, but I think the format makes it easier to read here. I’ll continue to post on both though. I need to sit down and upload the rest of the chapters here before my weekend update! 😊

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