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    Soothing Her Sorrow

    Bette begins to leave when Tina calls her name. ”Bette?”

    ”Yes, Tina?”

    ”Would you stay in here… with me? I don’t want to be alone right now.”

    Bette doesn’t say anything, she just moves over to the tub and kneels beside it. She
    looks at Tina and lifts the cup from the ledge; she fills it with water from the tub and brings
    it to Tina’s head. With understanding, Tina leans her head back and Bette begins to wet and
    then wash her hair. Bette gently massages her scalp as they maintain a loving gaze between
    each other.

    After Bette finishes washing and conditioning Tina’s hair, she sits so she’s face to
    face with Tina. ”That felt really nice Bette, thank you.”

    ”I hope it was relaxing. Um, could I wash your body?”

    Tina blushes as she nods her head whispering, ”Yes.”

    Bette gets up and walks over to the cabinet to retrieve an expensive body wash. She
    walks back over to Tina and picks up the fresh loofa she placed on the side of the tub when
    she ran the bath. She soaps up the loofa and begins to wash Tina’s back as she speaks
    softly. ”My sister bought me this body wash when she was touring in Europe. It’s
    strawberry scented. I love the way it smells, but I didn’t think the scent matched me, you
    know what I mean?” Tina nods her head as she continues to watch Bette wash her gently;
    her back, arms, hands. ”I think it matches you though. That sweet, fruity scent; I think it fits
    you.” Bette moves to Tina’s chest and asks, ”Is it okay if I wash you here?”

    ”Yes.” Tina answers.

    Bette gently washes Tina’s neck, chest, breasts, and abdomen. Several tears fall
    from her eyes as she takes in the extensive bruising. Tina reaches up and brushes a few
    tears away. Bette moves her head to the side and places a few kisses into Tina’s palm before
    going to the end of the tub to wash Tina’s feet and lower legs. With only Tina’s thighs and
    groin area left to be washed, Bette stands up. ”I’m going to grab you some clean clothes
    while you finish up. I’ll be right back, okay?”

    ”Thank you, Bette.”

    ”You don’t need to thank me Tina.” Bette says with a wink as she leaves the

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    1. Wow….what a story. Very realistic. Even though I have never experienced the anything close to the violence written about here, it seems very real. I imagine that Tina is still somewhat in shock about the whole thing. Bette is doing all the right things to be supportive of Tina. I look forward to the next chapters…..I’m not going to call this a nice story. But it certainly is a story worth reading…

    2. Well what a story.

      I like the way you write and impart information.

      You have left me waiting, impatiently for the next post, please don’t disappoint.

      I so hate cliffhangers:-)

      Thank you for the posts.


    3. Hi Elizabeth, I have been reading your story on the other site. Nice to see you here.

      Bette is so gentle and sweet tending to Tina. I have never seen this caring side of Bette before and I like it. I hope Tina’s ok. All that shouting is making me worried.

      • Hi Jordan! Thank you for reading! 🙏🏾

        I LOVE a caring Bette! Throughout the seasons of The L Word, I could see glimpses of a caring, devoted Bette. I like to think that is her natural demeanor, but she hides it because of her fears of being seen as weak and vulnerable.

        Posting on here is different than the other site, but I think the format makes it easier to read here. I’ll continue to post on both though. I need to sit down and upload the rest of the chapters here before my weekend update! 😊

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