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    Soothing Her Sorrow

    Bette takes her time gathering pajamas and clean underwear for Tina, trying to give
    her as much privacy as she may need. Tina enters the bedroom wrapped in a towel. ”Is it
    okay to come in?”

    ”Of course! Take a seat on the bed.”

    Tina moves toward Bette as she takes a seat. ”I used some of your lotion when I got
    out of the bathroom. I hope that’s okay?”

    ”You can use anything you want; you don’t need to ask. Here is some clean
    underwear, I’m sorry I don’t have any unused pairs, but I promise they’ve been washed and
    I’m not incontinent.”

    Tina laughs and Bette’s heart beats faster at the amazing sound. ”That’s fine Bette. I
    appreciate you letting me borrow your stuff. Will you help me get dressed?”

    Bette helps Tina into the clean underwear and pajamas. After Tina is dressed, Bette
    pulls her into a strong embrace. Bette strokes her hair and rubs circles into her back. Tina’s
    not used to the care and gentleness being shown to her, especially without an ulterior
    motive. It doesn’t take long before sobs overtake her body. Bette sits on the bed and pulls
    Tina onto her lap so they’re chest to chest as she coos in her ear. ”Let it go Baby, let it all
    go. I’m right here; I’ll hold you up and keep you safe. Trust me, Baby. I promise I won’t let
    you down.”

    Tina continued to cry while Bette soothed her for another 15 minutes. After she
    calmed down, Bette pulled Tina’s face out of her neck so they could look at each other.
    ”There’s my girl.” Tina blushes at the sweet words. ”It’s pretty late now… or early – it’s
    about 2 am. Do you want to go to bed?”

    ”I’m sure you’re tired, but I really don’t want to go to bed right now. Could we watch
    a movie or something?”

    Bette strokes Tina’s cheek. ”That sounds great, and surprisingly, I’m not that tired.
    How about I make us some tea and you pick out a movie?”

    Tina leans forward and hugs Bette tightly as she whispers in her ear, ”I don’t know
    what would have happened if you didn’t find me tonight. Thank you, Bette.”

    Tina pulls back and kisses Bette on the cheek before getting off her lap and standing
    up. Bette stands up and walks with Tina to the kitchen. Bette puts water on for tea and
    walks Tina to the living room. ”Can you pick out a movie while I change into some

    ”Sure, is a comedy okay?”


    Bette walks back into her in-suite and removes her makeup before washing her face.
    She goes into her bedroom and begins undressing and putting pajamas when she hears:

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    1. Wow….what a story. Very realistic. Even though I have never experienced the anything close to the violence written about here, it seems very real. I imagine that Tina is still somewhat in shock about the whole thing. Bette is doing all the right things to be supportive of Tina. I look forward to the next chapters…..I’m not going to call this a nice story. But it certainly is a story worth reading…

    2. Well what a story.

      I like the way you write and impart information.

      You have left me waiting, impatiently for the next post, please don’t disappoint.

      I so hate cliffhangers:-)

      Thank you for the posts.


    3. Hi Elizabeth, I have been reading your story on the other site. Nice to see you here.

      Bette is so gentle and sweet tending to Tina. I have never seen this caring side of Bette before and I like it. I hope Tina’s ok. All that shouting is making me worried.

      • Hi Jordan! Thank you for reading! 🙏🏾

        I LOVE a caring Bette! Throughout the seasons of The L Word, I could see glimpses of a caring, devoted Bette. I like to think that is her natural demeanor, but she hides it because of her fears of being seen as weak and vulnerable.

        Posting on here is different than the other site, but I think the format makes it easier to read here. I’ll continue to post on both though. I need to sit down and upload the rest of the chapters here before my weekend update! 😊

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