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    Space and Time

    Bette prepared lunch and invited Dani to join her and Tina but the young PR manager declined saying she’d take her food into the study to eat while she worked on Bette’s statement to the press.
    In the seven years that Bette and Tina were together prior to having Angie, Bette stayed clear of the kitchen. She’d mastered the outdoor grill and could throw together a pretty decent salad but that was the extent of her culinary skills. However, after Angie was born and she and Tina separated it was important for her to cook whenever Angie was with her. First because it wasn’t healthy to feed a toddler take-out food everyday but mostly because it made them feel more like a family. In later years she took lessons and became quite the gourmet cook. She found it relaxing and enjoyed experimenting with new recipes especially when cooking for Tina. At first it was to prove to her skeptical wife that she really could do it, then it evolved into her love language.

    While they were eating Shane texted to let them know that Angie aced her driving test. She also told them that the first place Angie drove to with her newly minted license was back to Jordi’s house. After discussing it further Bette and Tina decided not to interfere with Angie and Jordi’s puppy love. It would go against their principles to forbid their daughter’s choice in who she loved. That was very reminiscent of both their parents and they certainly didn’t want Angie’s memories of her first love experience to be marred by their disapproval.

    That didn’t mean that they would tolerate bad behavior. If Jordi was influencing Angie to be deceptive or disobedient to her parents, they would certainly step in. They didn’t know Jordi’s parents or what disciplines they would impose but they were holding Angie responsible for her own actions. There was no tolerance for cutting school, turning off the cell phone under any circumstances, smoking pot or any substance legal or not including alcohol. If she ever pulled another act like she did a few weeks ago when she’d cut off all communication with Bette, there would be hell to pay. Most importantly Angie had to keep up her grade point average to qualify for the prominent colleges she would be applying for in her senior year.

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      • Hi Jane. I agree. If they plan to bring Tibette back as a couple, Tina’s wedding should be called off. I really hate it when they hurt other people in relationships that they are not committed to just to add drama. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. I really don’t know what to think of Tina and Carrie. In your story have they been together for two years? Then Tina has taken little to no time to find herself.

      Tina now realizes that Bette is capable of giving people the space they need, as she does at Angie. Tina never told Bette that she needed it and once again fled the relationship and apparently immediately ended up in a new relationship.

      Bette would have given Tina everything she asked for, but Tina thinks that Bette is a mind reader and yes Bette is someone with a strong personality who often does not see the feelings of another, but Tina is someone who does not speak out about what she feels or needs and chooses the easiest way by leaving.

      In the coming month, let Tina think and talk to Bette about what is (always) going wrong in their relationship. They are both still in love with each other and deserve to give it another chance.

      Great story and i hope you will make my Tibette heart happy at the end of it.

      • BK. Tibette is end game. I don’t think I could get away with not bringing them back together, but they need to work for it, Definitely need to grow up and stop running when things get hard. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    2. Enjoying your take on things as always.

      I tried to Commenting after reading yesterday but the site kept throwing me out!

      Hopefully not this time and I’ll restrict myself to saying – trusting your end game is Tibette and interested in how you get us there!

      Thanks PPS

      • Hi SG, not sure why the site sometimes does not take the comments. Some of mine go to trash so hopefully this one will post.

        I do plan a Tibette endgame but have no idea how I’m going to get there after the way I started this story. I guess that’s what happens on the show, the writers get themselves in a bind then they can’t get out so they throw caution to the wind and make stuff up as if history never existed. I’ll try to do better :-)

        Thanks as always for reading and commenting. It means a lot.

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