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    Starting Over

    The White House

    The Oval Office.

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    “The press are asking more questions about the mystery woman in your life,” Dani said as she checked the notes she had on her iPad Pro.

    “The press can ask questions it doesn’t mean that I’m going to answer them,” Bette said not looking up from the report she was reading.

    “You do know you’re the President,?” Dani said without thinking.

    Bette put her pen down, removed her glasses and looked at Dani, raising her eyebrow.

    “I’m aware of my status in the world, and the roll I’m playing Dani. I may be the President of the United States of American. I’m also a woman, in love with a woman I’ve not been able to love for seventeen years.”

    “It’s not easy fielding these questions about your personal life.”

    “Move the topic on, maybe to the unemployment figures or the education bill or even our relationship with the UK, I’m not bothered. I just know that I’m not talking about  my personal life.”

    “Is she here?” Dani asked,

    “Who?” Bette said folding her arms.

    “Ms Tina Kennard,”

    Doctor Tina Kennard is here. We are now living together, and it would be pointless if she’s at her house and I’m at mine.”

    “Can I at least tell them that?”

    “No, listen Dani, I understand that we cannot hide forever. Right now I want to enjoy this stage of my relationship with Tina. I never thought I would hold her again or be this close to her again. Tina is the love of my life. She’s my world and she has been for years, I’ve lost to much time with her and I want to just enjoy some time with her. I don’t want her thrown into the public light and then she panics. I don’t want that. Let me decided how and when we deal with the public and press okay?”

    “It will come out,” Dani said slowly.

    “It may do, if someone decides to betray me that way, they will lose their jobs. I just want Tina to feel safe and wanted. Right now I’ve got to rebuild trust, love and commitment with her. Just her. We will do everything at our pace, I will use my personal social media first. Let me do this my way Dani, please.”

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