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    Starting Over

    “I’ll be back,” She said getting up,

    “Never say that in a horror movie,” Bette said her eyes still closed as she was settled completely.

    “Because you never come back.” Tina laughed as she left the room.

    Bette just sat listening to the silence. She just felt lucky right now. Tina was in her life and it wasn’t a dream. She was really holding her, talking to her, being with her. That was hard to believe in her own mind. She loved her and had never stopped loving her.

    Tina walked back into the room about ten minutes later. She walked over and picked up Bette’s book and put it to one side. She then took Bette’s hand. Bette opened her eyes and looked at the blonde woman in front of her.

    “Come with me, please,” Tina whispered.

    Bette got up, knowing she could not refuse Tina. She followed her into the master bedroom and then into the master bathroom, which was filled with candles. The bath was filled and Bette could see that a seaweed bath bomb had been used. It smelt an looked amazing.

    “I’ve showered,” Bette said slowly

    “You need to relax, you’re a little tense,”

    Bette smiled softly, glad that Tina could read her so well. Bette slowly stripped her clothes and got into the bath, she moaned as she felt her muscles relax.

    Tina took a wash cloth and started to wash her, Bette relaxed back.

    “I’ve missed this,” Tina said softly.


    “Taking care of you, you are so strong and alpha to the world but with me, you let your guard down. We’ve only been together a couple of weeks and you’re already letting your guard down with me. I love that, that I get to too see the true Bette Porter.”

    Bette thought for a moment before looking up at Tina, she took her hand and gently kissed it.

    “I only want you to see the true me, I love you, you’ve always kept me balanced, made me see the error of my ways and grounded me. I need that Tina, it’s been missing.”

    “It’s not missing anymore. I’ve been doing some thinking today,” Tina said as she decided to strip and join Bette in the bath, facing her. Bette smirked looking at her woman and Tina simply splashed some water at her.

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