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    Starting Over

    “What were you thinking about?” Bette asked as they both relaxed and she ran her fingers along Tina’s leg.


    “I like the sound of that,” Bette grinned.

    Tina shook her head.

    “I get we cannot hide away. I get that you’re one of the most public figures in the world but I don’t want the world finding out by accident who I am or them digging around in our past. I want this done on our terms.”

    “I can understand that,”

    “I’m going to marry you Bette. I’m in love with you and I love you as  much as I did when you swept me off my feet.”

    “We could put a picture of us on social media,”

    “A nice Presidential selfie.” Tina smiled

    “Yeah, we can do this on our terms.” Bette grinned.

    “I would like that. Very much so.”

    “Good, now let me wash your back.”

    Tina grinned and moved so that Bette could wash her back, Bette lingered over a set of scars  just under her shoulder blade,

    “You want to know where they came from?” Tina whispered.

    “They weren’t there when we were together.” Bette said softly. Moving the clothe and looking at the scars that looked like they had been nasty wounds.

    “A year after I left I meet a woman in a bar, we started seeing each other. I was a mess, high on pain meds, not really looking after myself, drinking too much.”

    “This sounds like you’re blaming yourself for something.”

    “Well It was my fault. I went home with a woman and she beat me, she took a knife to my back, I managed to escape somehow, I’m not sure how but it give me the kick up my ass not to go home with random women. She basically tried to kill me,”

    “Dear God Ti,”

    “I  know it was a stupid mistake,”

    “Honey,” Bette kissed the scars. “I hurt you mentally, I will never ever hurt you physically, I will fuck up, We will argue and debate things, we are equals but I will never, ever hurt you in this way.”

    “I know B, I trust you completely. i am just glad she didn’t do any serious damage I can live with scars,”

    Bette moved forward and kissed them, kissing Tina’s shoulder.

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