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    Starting Over

    “I love you so much, you’re my world.”

    “I love you too Bette, please just hold me.”

    Bette wrapped her arms around her woman,

    “Lets get out and cuddle in bed, okay?”

    “Okay, I would like that,”

    “Come on,” Bette got out and wrapped herself in a massive towel before holding one out to Tina. Who got out and willing went into Bette’s arms. Just needing that comfort and love.

    Bette couldn’t believe the hells that Tina had been through over the last seventeen years and now she wanted to just show her light.


    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette woke, the bed was cold. She rolled over and looked at the clock seeing it was 1am. She got up and put her robe on. She turned on the side lights and noticed that the door was ajar. She walked out and walked into the living room, she found Tina sat in the middle of the living room lay on her back looking up at the ancient ceiling. Bette walked over

    “What are you doing?” Bette asked softly.

    “trying to clear my mind,” Tina said.

    “You okay?” Bette asked, sitting onto the arm of the sofa,

    “Yes, sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,”

    “Its fine, come back to bed, please.”

    Tina slowly got up and looked at Bette and smiled softly. She walked over and gently kissed her.

    “I love you,” Tina whispered.

    “I love you too,”



    “I am willing to stand beside you,”


    “I’ve been thinking about it, I mean really thinking about it and I would love to stand at your side. We’ve lost too much time. I want to enjoy this. You’re the fucking President, you’re the leader of the greatest nation on the earth and I’m so proud of you. “

    Bette felt the tears rolling down her face as she stood up and took Tina into her arms. holding her close. she smiled as she hugged Tina.

    “I never thought you’d be back in my life. I never thought I’d hold you again and I’m overjoyed that you are here. This is going to be rocky, we’re not perfect. I’m not perfect.  We will make mistakes. Our world is not just us anymore, or us and the gang.”

    “I understand.” Tina smiled softly. She pulled away and ran her fingers down Bette’s face. “I’m scared shitless about being in public but I can’t hide my feelings for you. I’ve lost too much time with your already,”

    Bette moved out of Tina’s arms and took her hand. They walked back into the bedroom, getting into bed, Bette wrapped her arms around Tina holding her close.

    “I’m not going to force you to go public, I wouldn’t want that.”

    “We will get outed if we don’t,” Tina said slowly. “Someone will work it out. I’m sure all your staff downstairs, plus your detail, the retailer in LA, the moving company, the security company looking at my system, too many people outside of us know. Someone will spill,”

    “I see where you are coming from, let me think this over. Come up with our way of telling the world and we can talk about it when it’s not one in them morning,” Bette yawned,

    Tina smiled as she curled up into her,

    “Mmm, okay,” Tina found herself drifting back off to sleep. Just holding the woman she was madly in love with


    The Press.

    E! online

    Hot Celebrity gossip




    It was revealed last week that President Bette Porter,57, is in a ‘serious’ relationship. Well after some digging E! can reveal it is very serious. So serious the President has put her private home up for sale in LA and appears to be moving to a small town outside of Pittsburgh. The property the President is moving too is register in the name of Christina Kennard, otherwise known as Tina Kennard the President’s former long term partner.

    During the election campaign it came to light that President Porter had cheated on her long term partner seventeen years ago. President Porters team would not be drawn on the topic during the press brief, only stating that the President would reveal more when the president was ready.

    We await further information.

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