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    Steps Forward

    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette opened the door after a long day. She was later than she had expected after a meeting had overran. She dropped her bag next to the door and kicked off her shoes. She could hear soft rock music coming from the kitchen and she knew that Tina was here. She smiled. She hadn’t been informed that she had arrived as she had been so busy. She walked into the large kitchen and lent on the door frame as she watched Tina moving around she was making dinner and by the look of it she was making enough for two.

    “Hey,” Bette said,

    Tina turned and looked at Bette.

    “Hi, erm sorry I was hungry.”

    “please make yourself at home.”

    “I’m just making Chicken with honey sauce and salad I’ve made enough for two in case you were hungry,”

    “Sounds good, I’ve missed your cooking,”

    “I cooked for you because you couldn’t,”

    “I am the same as I was. I’ve got a team here that cooks for me.”

    “You needed someone, the amount of takeaways you used to have.”

    “Guilty, still guilty.” Bette laughed as she sat herself at the kitchen table and watched as Tina dished the food up and placed a plate in front of her. Bette smiled. “This reminds me of our early days.

    “When you used to watch me cook, then we would talk and eat.”

    “Yeah. That was lost in our later years wasn’t it.”

    “It was like as soon as we decided to have a baby we lost sight of our actual relationship.”

    “We should have had a family, but I should have seen us falling apart.”

    Tina looked at her hands.

    “Bette, I need to tell you something.”


    “When I left…when I was in hospital after I tried to end my life I found out I was pregnant.”

    Bette put her fork down and looked at Tina.

    “I didn’t know when I wrote the letter or when I tried to end my life. But…I was pregnant.”

    “The baby?”

    “I miscarried two weeks after I found out.” Tina could feel the wave of sadness over taking her. She wipe the tears away.

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    1. Love this story!

      Maybe a little soon to share the bed again but i understand why Tina needed this. Bette has always loved Tina and was and still is so devoted and in love with Tina.

      So sad that Tina lost another baby, but her body was just too weak.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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