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    Steps Forward

    Bette pulled the car into a space as close to the Planet as she could get, Tina had been at out of hospital for three weeks now and they were finally joining their friends for breakfast. Tina had done her morning yoga and her morning meditation before they had left the ranch to head into LA. Bette switched the engine off and smiled as she heard Tina’s stomach rumble with hunger.

    “Hungry my love?” Bette laughed as she opened the little draw under the screen in the centre console to take out some change to pay the metre.

    “Yeah well I’ve been up since six.” Tina remarked smiling.

    “Well you wore me out,” Bette wiggled her eye brows, they were slowly reintroducing their sex life, last night had been full of slowly kisses and touching but nothing more. They had both enjoyed the time together and Bette knew she had to take her time with her wife.

    “We barely did anything, but you are old,”

    “Wow, harsh,”

    “Well forty is calling you babe?” Tina laughed.

    “Just because you are ten years younger than me, means nothing.” Bette grinned.

    Tina smiled before turning and looking at Xavier who she had dressed in shirt and jeans today. He was sleeping his little fist in his mouth.

    “Nice to see our son as wet his shirt already.” Tina laughed.

    “Well he has no teeth yet.” Bette laughed as she got out of the car and popped the trunk to take out the expensive stroller that they had bought. She was putting it up while Tina got their son out of the car. she kissed him and held him, he snuggled into her.

    “I think I will carry him,”

    “You sure?”

    “Yeah, do we have the sling with us,” Tina asked,

    “Yes,” Bette moved and help Tina put it on and then placed Xavier into the sling with his head resting against Tina’s breasts, “Best pillows in town them,”

    Tina shook her head at her wife’s remark,

    “I will still bring the stroller in with us just in case,” Bette remarked as she put the diaper bag on the bag of it.

    “Okay,” Bette locked the car and walked towards Tina who wrapped one hand around Bette’s arm and they walked together towards the Planet.

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    1. Tina standing up to Jodi with Bette coming in like the cavalry was good. Tina joining the girls at The Planet even though she could not keep up with the conversations…. she did not excuse herself and cut the morning short. I still believe that Tina has a severe hearing sensitivity. Her brain simply cannot process several conversations at once or crowd noise or an abundance of sounds all happening at once. Most brains learn to turn off or turn down the environmental noise and tune in to the sounds it deems important such as conversations in a small group. We learn to tune out the refrigerator humming and the washer and dryer going while we listen to those around the table carry on a conversation. I do not think Tina is able to do this. Every conversation is equally as loud as another and drives her to shutting it all off or seeking an escape to get away from her. I am not sure there is any treatment for this disorder either. Tina is doing all she can with it. And it is completely a different problem from depression and anxiety that she has in addition to that.

      Tina is certainly making progress to getting back to her life she had prior to her breakdown. I hope she is addressing the issues which brought that on. Bette loves her so very much and Tina loves her just as much. They need to be the best they can be to be the good parents to their son.

      Thanks for the update…

    2. Good that Tina stood up against Jodi and Bette letting her. After the tongue lashing from Bette i hope this was the last time we had the displasure of seeing her ever again.

      Tina is doing great and she knows this socializing with their friends is important to Bette.

      I love Tina with Xavier!

    3. Frankly I would have escorted Jodi into the alley and beat the ever lovin crap out of her. So done with her. And it is very upsetting that private information about Tina is floating around out there. HIPPA laws protect her privacy. How is anyone getting their info? If Shane or Alice spoke about it – major shame on them!!! Tina gave birth prematurely. Her and Bette being absent for a while makes perfect sense. But her being hospitalized for mental illness? There is no way this should be out there for public consumption. Shame on whoever did it. This is so much more than lesbian rumor mill gossip.

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