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    Straight and Engaged

    The same night, Tina looks at Eric curiously when he takes a turn in the opposite direction of his place.

    Tina: Where are you going?

    Eric shakes his head as he visibly squeezes the steering wheel tightly.

    Eric: To see my dumb ass brother…

    Tina glances at the clock.

    Tina: At one in the morning?

    Eric: Yep

    Tina rolls her eyes.

    Tina: Couldn’t you have dropped me off before whatever this is?

    Eric: No time, babe come on just be a sport would ya? It won’t take long.

    Tina once again sighs and slouches down in her seat….


    About twenty minutes later, Eric comes to a screeching halt int front of his brother’s house.

    Tina: Eric, what the hell? Are you gonna tell me what’s going on here?

    Eric: My brother’s a fucking screw up that’s what.

    Tina watches Eric climb out of the car and then follows suit.

    Tina: What are you talking about? He is not, Harry’s one of the most responsible people I know.

    Eric looks at Tina as he bangs on the front door.

    Eric: Let’s see if you still think that once you find out what he’s been up to…

    A few seconds later, they hear a muffled voice asking who it is.

    Eric: Just open the damn door, Harry…

    Seconds later, the door opens and Tina smiles at her suave soon to be brother-in-law.

    Harry: Eric what are you doing here? What’s going on?

    Eric pushes the door open and slides past his brother.

    Eric: You tell me…

    Harry: Come on in I guess, bro….

    Tina gives Harry another sympathetic smile as she steps inside.

    Harry: Hey

    Tina pecks Harry’s cheek.

    Tina: Hey you… sorry about this…

    Harry closes the door and looks at Eric.

    Harry: It’s okay I know how it is when my baby brother has a bug up his ass about something. This couldn’t wait until sunrise?

    Eric puts his hands on his hips.

    Eric: Apparently not, the reporter that’s been blowing up my phone all night sure as shit didn’t think so.

    Harry: What reporter? What the hell are you talking about, Eric?

    Eric sighs and shakes his head.

    Eric: I thought you were being careful Harry…

    Tina looks back and forth at the brothers, still utterly confused about what’s happening.

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    1. Hi! Thank you very much for the chapter!

      So, Eric – homophobic prick, who has gay brother, gay cousin and whose fiance obviously wanna be gay too. I almost sorry for him. Almost. But who i’m kidding – of course i’m not sorry

      Thanks and waiting for next!

      P.S. Sorry, may i ask you about updating “Home again 2”?

    2. Eric is a asshole and homophobic prick. What the hell sees Tina in him?!

      Zhenya is spot on with her comment and i would love it if you update all your stories!

      Thank you for the update!

    3. Hi browneyedgirl28.

      I like very much this story
      Eric is a real prick, for being intolerant and disrespectful to her brother’s sexuality,

      He is a hypocrite and an opportunist, using his lesbian cousin and Bette to get access to the gallery gala opening, for his own convenience, when he is a homophobic dud.

      He deserves to lose Tina; who, on the other hand, is feeling hard her awakening to her real feelings, I hope she’ll elope with Bette on her weddings day (or rather before

      Thank you for your update and please post soon


    4. Really hate Cliffhangers you know beg!
      Really love this story though and look forward to the next post – soon I hope.
      How’s the updates going on the other stories?

      Seriously thanks for your posts, great stories, great writing and great talent :-)

    5. Oh.. our girls are in such trouble…I think Tina just found what is missing… obviously she is in no hurry to get married she has drug her feet all the way through.. And he’s an asshole… And I could just see the puzzles look on Time’s face .. she forgot what she had told her why she needed to speak with Bette…. And she know by now those kisses are like Lay’s.. you just can’t have one.. lol…thank you.. watching for more

    6. Bette and Tina, the beginning attraction between them and they are BOTH trying hard not to go there. Eric is such a insensitive douche and he seems very clueless where Tina is concern. That KISS is “the kiss” that causes Tina and Bette to want to continue to explore their feelings for one another…I hope! :)

      Thanks for the update. I really enjoy your stories Browneyedgirl!!!

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