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    Strangers on the roof

    Strangers on the Roof

    Tina slowly made her way through the streets of Los Angeles. She felt overwhelmed: a bit tired, angry, and, most importantly, very disappointed. Luckily, the alleys she was walking through were relatively empty; four o’clock in the afternoon was not the busiest time of day. Out of the corner of her eye, she recognized the facades of the familiar buildings she had passed a thousand times before.


    She felt defeated; she had just been fired from Shaolin. Her boss had given her some bullshit excuse about the budget, but she knew it had little to do with money and everything to do with her choice of projects. A fantastic script had recently arrived for a film telling the love story of two women throughout lifetimes. A kind of eternal reincarnation in which they met in an endless loop of encounters. Tina thought it was incredible and decided to fight for the script. Perhaps that was her mistake: failing to consider her boss’s homophobic stance before fighting for a project she knew could be controversial due to the company’s editorial line. 


    She sighed and felt a brief sense of relief as she realized she was close to her destination. When she arrived in L.A. a few years ago, she spent many days touring every nook and cranny of the city, marveling at the architecture in certain areas and how open the city was compared to Georgia. 


    It was during one of these days that she came across an abandoned building that caught her eye. Although it was clear that no one lived there anymore, the building was beautiful. The façade was a little neglected, but it still looked like an incredible amount of work had gone into its construction. She didn’t know what made her approach the building, but she couldn’t help but walk around it in awe.  


    As she did so, she noticed a fire escape leading up to the roof. On an uncharacteristic impulse, she decided to climb up. And when she reached the top, she marveled at the view, filled with a sense of tranquility. From then on, the roof of that building became her secret place to think and reflect. Whenever life got too much, she would end up on that roof. Whenever she felt overwhelmed, she would take the same familiar route and climb the stairs to the top, where she could be alone with her thoughts. 

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