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    Stress Relief

    Tina rested back against the sofa, she closed her eyes, it had been a long day, she’d been overly busy and she just wished she could relax. Her body wouldn’t let her, she’d had a shower, a rather hot one. She was now dressed casually, out of her business suit she was wearing a tank top with thin straps over her shoulders, wearing busy cargo pants, her feet bare.

    She heard the front door open and close. yet she didn’t move, she didn’t have the energy too.

    Bette closed the front door and saw Tina with her back to her sitting on the large sofa, her girlfriend of eight months was leaning with her head back, her eyes closed. Bette smiled to herself. Seeing Tina this vulnerable always made her wet. She could control her make her do what she wanted. Bette put her briefcase down, she slowly walked to Tina.

    Bette lent over Tina, her hair falling over Tina’s face her hands running down Tina’s stomach as she kissed her, it was strange as they were upside down to each other but the kiss grew passionate, aggressive even. Bette ran her hands up Tina’s body feeling her breasts, spreading over her neck, feeling her pulse as she pulled back her fingers riding further, deepening her right hand into Tina’s open mouth. The blonde reached back trying to not let Bette break the contact. She wanted this. wanted to be used by her lover. She loved it. The control that Bette had over her. Bette stood over her, still behind the sofa and ran her hands over Tina’s cheeks, before reaching down and slipping her hands into the tank top finding that Tina wasn’t wearing a bra, Tina’s hands reached up. As Bette’s talented fingers found her nipples, rubbing them, flicking them.

    “Ahhh,” Tina moaned out, her eyes closed, she loved this.

    Bette pulled her hands back, her fingers running over Tina’s throat again, she pulled lightly, choking Tina slight, watching as the blonde gasped. Bette moved her hands further. Again her finger entering Tina’s mouth, she lightly bite it, and then sucked on it.

    “Do you need it?” Bette whispered, not even bothering to say hi.

    Tina nodded,

    “No, Baby you know the rules if you want it you have to verbally consent,”

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