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    Stuck in a Small Town

    It’s 10 AM and Tina’s just coming in from the barn. Here she is at 25, and still living with her parents trying to keep their farm running on the little patch of country on the outskirts of Philadelphia. It’s December 22nd, so they’re quickly approaching another Christmas, but Tina’s mind is still reliving the events of Christmas’ past. Her heart flutters at the fond memories filled with fun, friendship, joy, and love; but that flutter quickly turns to a cold chill as she refocuses on her reality… and the love she let go.

    Tina walks through the front door heading towards the bathroom. As she passes through her Mom, whose having some midmorning coffee and sweets with a few women from church, calls to her. “Christina don’t be rude. Come say hi to everyone.”

    Tina walks further into the living room, removing her work gloves as she approaches. She musters up a small smile. “I wasn’t trying to be rude Mom; I just wanted to use the bathroom – I’ve been working in the barn all morning.” Tina turns to the women and tips her cowboy hat. “Good morning ladies.”

    “Oh Chrissy, your parents are so lucky to have you around still. Look at how beautiful you’ve become. Are you still seeing that boy?”

    Tina tries hard not to roll her eyes as she swallows back the smartass comment that was threatening to spill from her lips. “Yes, Mrs. Jackson, I’m still seeing Eric.”

    “Well, what’s it been – 4 years? When are y’all getting married? You’re getting up there in age girl, you need to start making those babies.”

    All the women laugh as they look to Tina awaiting her response. “I’m only 25 and Eric and I aren’t in a rush. There’s plenty of time for kids in the future.” Tina looks around at the displeased looks and decides to make a hasty exit. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to wash up and get back out in the field. Eric and I are having dinner with the partner of a New York Law Firm. If all goes well, he may have a job in the Big Apple.” Tina says with as much fake excitement as she can muster. In all honesty, Tina was not looking forward to playing the “devoted girlfriend” at this dinner and was worried that this potential job offer would lead to a marriage proposal.

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    1. Oh, dear author, you’re so right saying “we could all use a good dose of TiBette loving after the mess of a storyline that was terribly revealed via two sentences in TLWGQ, and this latest mess with IMDB.”
      I’m through with false hopes and so need an “escape into the world of TiBette”, as you say !

      And I’m so grateful, more than ever, to all the true Tibette writers who obviously love our beloved two together !
      I’ll savour this Christmas story the way I do with the sweetest desserts : slowly, savouring…
      All my very best wishes for the New Year and thank you SO much for the gift !!

      • Thank you for your kind words! I too have been appreciating true TiBette writers, and even rereading old stories to keep me motivated to write their love.

        Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!

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