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    The doors of Porter Unlimited opened alerting her presence as every employee gave their salutations as she passed by their perspective work stations on her way to the elevators..

    ”Good Morning Ms. Porter..So nice to see you again” The elevator attendant greeted as he pushed the button for the doors to open.

    ”Hi Percy…Good morning to you” she replied stepping into the elevator and watched as Percy pushed the bottom labeled Executive floor and the doors closed.

    ”Did you enjoy your European vacation Ms. Porter?”

    ”Yes Percy I did..It was a wonderful way to relax and unwind after graduating with my Master’s but now that I am back I am ready to get to work”

    Percy nodded and scratched his head in amusement

    ”Yes ma’am” he replied as the doors opened revealing a marble stone hallway with full mirrored walls on each side.. ”Have a nice day Ms Porter”

    She smiled and nodded as she stepped off the elevator and watched as the doors closed…

    ”Daddy I’m here”…She announced as she made her way down to a door with Melvin Porter engraved on a name plate just before it entered into the spacious conference room with a breathtaking view of New York City and knocked..

    ”Come in Elizabeth” the voice called out from the other side of the door.

    Opening the door she was all smiles until she found herself standing in front of her father’s desk and grew increasingly solemn as he refrained from taking his attention away from the ledger book he was writing in

    ”Daddy..I’m ready to get started” She said excitedly, feeling that her father would relish the moment with her as she spent all her life trying to make him proud of her. ”So where is my office?” She asked eagerly while setting her briefcase on her fathers desk which finally caused him to raise his head to look at her.

    ”Office?” He questioned waiting for her response

    ”Yes..I mean considering I’m going to be your Vice President of Operations I thought I would have an office” She answered amused as to her father’s blank stare..

    Chuckling slightly and leaning back in his chair he motioned for her to take a seat..

    ”Elizabeth…….” He began as he picked her briefcase off his desk and set it to the side of his chair on the floor….. ”I’m not sure what you expected when you arrived here this morning but I needed you three months ago to take this position upon your graduation..After Henderson retired earlier this year I had a temporary appointment to keep things running until my brilliant daughter could take the reins but alas she decided instead to take a vacation backpacking through Europe for three months with a group of women…Now I’m not sure what that means to you but to me that means you aren’t ready or eager to handle such responsibility….I have spent many years turning this company into a multi million dollar corporation…I do not have the time nor the patience to wait for you while you sow your wild oats or whatever it is that you partook of on your quest for European culture….” He paused as he watched his daughter squirm in her seat before continuing “Furthermore as of last week I permanently filled that position with the person that has been here the last 7 months taking on the responsibilities and duties that position required….”

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    1. Ohhhh shittt this is gonna be a doozie!! Over-qualified Bette having to submit…to anyone other than her Father. What she gonna do when she finds out Tina, her boss, likes ladies ( my assumption….am I trying to write your story??!!!)

      Green light, keep going Pices!!!

    2. Yeah, i think you need to continue.

      Interesting how they getting along, when i’m sure they both not thrilled by the idea of working together. Bette’s reason we know, but i’m sure Tina also don’t like first have assistant which she not chose and second – having your boss daughter as your secretary also not great idea.

      Waiting for the next!

      • I think Melvin is taking the op to test not only his self-intitled daughter, but also his new VP. He wants to see how Tina will handle a strong-willed employee like Bette.

        Will Tina figure out how to give Bette challenging assignments drawing the best from her brilliant (?) mind, and NOT see her as “just a” secretary (to coin Bette’s lable)??

        Will Bette submit to learning the end&outs of the company below the “executive” level? Will she accept NOT having the privilege and perks of an executive??

    3. This is a learning situation for Bette. The best laid plans do not always workout exactly as you hope. Bette is obviously disappointed in Melvin’s decision. But she is acting like a spoiled brat to respond to Tina in this manner. Tina obviously had no say in the matter and did not know she was stepping on the boss’s daughter’s toes. Tina was and is qualified to hold the job or she would not have it. Bette can be angry with her father, but she needs to be an adult and accept her position with Tina as Tina defines it and in a pleasant manner. If she takes this anger with Daddy to her job with Tina, she is being unprofessional and would be far better off to go and search for a position in some other company not owned by Daddy.

      I wonder if Melvin discussed with Bette his need for her in the position before she left for Europe? He evidently did not warn her that the job may not be available when she returned.

      The bottom line is that Bette’s position is her problem and if she really wants something better, she needs for Tina to be as successful as possible. Otherwise, it may very well be viewed as sabotage.

      Interesting concept… interesting first chapter…. love to see more.

    4. Bette seems like she feels she is entitled to get the job in Melvin’s company because of who she is. Tina seems to be a fair minded person and is trying to make a connection with Bette, but she is determined to try to take what she thinks is rightfully hers. Tina is probably just as if not more qualified for the job as Bette while she is spouting out all her degrees and training. If she really wants to show her father she is ready to step into an executive role she will do all she can to work from the ground up. And be a model employees instead of a smartass rich kid. I can’t tell yet if Melvin is a jerk about her orientation yet, so I will hold off on my opinion of him for now. PPS

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