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    Tina sat in the window seat in her master bedroom. She loved looking out over the estate that was hers. She’d sat and watched the sunrise with her son in her arms. Her wife sleeping in their bed. She couldn’t think of a better way to start her 30th birthday. She kissed the top of her son’s head. Watching as he snuggled into her. She felt that her connection was getting deeper. She kissed him again, before moving him. Turning him so he was looking out of the window with her.

    “When I was a little girl I used to dream of having an estate like this,” Tina whispered. “My mom and dad didn’t understand why I didn’t want to live in the city.  I feel uncomfortable in the city. I am sorry I’ve let you down, I’m going to try and get better. I love you and your mom very much. I can’t wait to see you running around outside. Learning to swim, I hope one day you might have a sibling. I might not be able to do that for you. I don’t think my mental health can handle another pregnancy.

    “You know you’ve changed my life. When I’m at hospital, which is where I am most of the time at the moment I think about you and your mama. Bette is my world. So are you, I want to be the best I can be for both of you. I want to be able to give you the best little man.”

    Tina kissed her son again.

    Bette slowly opened her eyes, rolled over and looked at her wife. She smiled when she saw that Tina was sat with Xavier. She could see that Tina was lost in thought, with her arms holding Xavier in place, every so often she would kiss his head. Bette watched her for a few moments, before she slipped out of bed and went over to her wife, sitting looking at her wife,

    “How long have you two been up?”

    “A few hours.” Tina smiled, “We watched the sun rise.”

    “Nice way to start the day,”

    “We had some bonding time.” Tina replied as Xavier wiggled.

    Tina secured him back into place and gently turned him so he could see Bette, Bette smiled at her son, tickling his tummy. He gently kicked his feet.

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    1. The first page brought me tears. Tina bonding with her son.

      The second one shows Tina still have to deal and work through her demons.

      She is right that Bette shouldn’t stop her work on hold but Bette is right too. Tina and Xavier are more important, i can imagine Bette doesn’t want to leave them and they are note able to come with her to London at the moment.

      Don’t let this put pressure on Tina and rush her through the therapy because she thinks she needs to hurry because Bette is holding back on her work. They will find a solution for the London trip.

    2. Tina is not incorrect. Bette needs to go to London to complete the property acquisition. Bette needs to take care of her business. So far she has somehow managed to handle caring for Xavier, being there for Tina and her work. If Bette makes too many work sacrifices that will ultimately not be good for their long term relationship. The nurses can care for Xavier. Maybe they can bring Xavier to the hospital to see Tina. Shane can also check in with Tina at the hospital. We are only talking a few days. Bette should schedule her trip. Normalcy is incredibly important to their future. If Bette loses out on the property then this will be a big setback to Tina. She will carry that guilt. Set it up, Bette. Make it work. I believe this will help Tina feel better. I think it is good for both of them. Shows Tina she has faith in her as well. Not sure of Bette’s age? Perhaps she could carry their second child? They need options and positives for their future. And that means continued professional success, financial security and the possibility of more children. Tina needs to know that her illness is just that – an illness – that will be managed and it will not control their future lives together.

    3. I agree with Billy. Move forward with your life, Bette. The hope is that Tina will recover and be a part of it but if not then Bette has built something for her and her son’s future.
      The best indicator that Tina is doing better in my mind? That she is planning ahead – she wants to see Xavier running across their lawn, she is thinking into next week, next month, the upcoming year Those are not the words and thoughts of someone who has given up
      I am rooting for Tina. And Bette. But I agree with Billy. Sometimes we grow best when we grow apart.
      Looking forward to the next chapter.

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