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    Washington D.C. – October 25, 2009 – Sunday

    Tina always loved to witness the change in the leaves as the weather changed from summer to fall. It is a bit interesting to realize that even though the leaves are dying, it’s still so beautiful. The reds, oranges, yellows, browns… the smell of pumpkins and spices… the Halloween decorations adorned to every house on the street.

    Smiling softly into her own reflection from the window, she turned around to head towards Delia’s room. Knocking quietly on the door, she gently pushed it open to see nobody inside. Shrugging her shoulders, she closed the door and began to head downstairs.

    “You actually made breakfast?” Tina questioned Will as she saw him seated at the kitchen table. “I’m impressed, but slightly worried for my health.”

    “Well I had to make a good breakfast since I’m taking you to the gym.” Will said as he shoved some eggs into his mouth.

    “You’re taking me to the gym?”

    “Yep. I’m gonna work you.”

    Tina, arching her brow, sits down across from him. “Oh yeah?”

    “You forgot our morning workouts?”

    “How could I possibly forget?”

    “Doesn’t matter. The point is you’re back with us for the time being,” the darker man said as he winked at the blonde. “We gotta get you back into shape.”

    Narrowing her eyes, “you calling me fat?”

    Choking on his orange juice, “never, Kenny. I’m just saying you’re not in the same shape that you were before.” Looking up at the blonde and noticing the look on her face… “I’m gonna stop talking now.”

    “Yeah…safe bet.”

    Nodding slowly, “sit and eat… we gotta go soon. I have a sinking feeling that we will be called in today.”

    “Fine.” Tina sat down across from her partner. “Where’s Delia?”

    “Doctors appointment. Oh-…” Will got up and went to the kitchen to retrieve a protein shake. “For you.”

    Rolling her eyes, Tina takes a sip. “You know I can still kick your ass, right?”

    “Sure, you can.” Will mocked the blonde.

    “Okay, come on. Fuck this.” Tina mumbled as she tried to swallow her mouthful of eggs. “Let’s go. NOW.”

    Smiling, Will stood up and whispered to himself… “I fucking knew it.”

    3 hours later:

    “I feel like I just got hit by a train,” the blonde said walking back into the house.

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      • It definitely wont be a huge point in the story so don’t worry about that. I just decided to add a little bit of drama ;)

        And you’ll learn more about Tina’s past and why it was kept hidden later on!


    1. I am in agreement with pikiangelica. I do
      not like this Tina and how can she be so selfish to leave Bette and their daughter to go back to a horrific job? Does not make an iota of sense to me. I think Bette is being way to passive about this. Tina can’t have it both ways.

      • I don’t think Bette is being necessarily too passive. In season 6, she almost had no problem jumping and moving to New York for Tina.
        And there is a reason why Tina never told Bette about her job, but I’m not going to spoil it in a comment. It just has not been introduced yet.

    2. Agree with pikiangelica and Jane – the story like s1 TLW but reverse – too alfa Tina and too submissive Bette. They not equal. I understand that author maybe whant to show more emotional Bette, but for my opinion went too far and made her too weak. And Tina – i think she treat with Bette like in first half s3. So i think if Bette would not find her guts and stands for herself – their relationship is doomed

      • I’m actually posting a little something at the end of the next chapter to help people remember. At least, I hope so! I’m trying to have Tina interact with each one to help you guys remember the names lol.

        Thank you for the review!
        Keep a lookout for tomorrow evening/night.


    3. Yeah, had finally time to read this chapter.

      Tina & Helena again after Henry, that was quite the surprise, and Helena still have romantac feelings for her, wow! At least she answered Bette’s question honost.

      Like SassyGran, i am excited to see where you takes us with this story!!!

      I do hope you post friday, other wise you have to wait for my comment a few days, have to work from Saturday through wednesday 🙁

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