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    Talking Time


    They nodded at the gorgeous, but bruised blonde, and looked over at Bette who had still not stopped staring at them.

    “Well…that was fun,” Tina commented, “but I have to get back to work.”

    “Yeah, I need for you to look over this file,” Will nodded towards Tina.

    “Follow me…” Tina said as she let go of Bette’s hand and started to walk towards the office with Will on her tail.

    “What file?” Benny asked, still confused.


    Chapter 12: October 29, 2009- Thursday

    Sitting down in the chair across from Tina, he looked down at the note she gave him. “Expect a message…what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

    “I don’t know,” Tina answered, logging back into her computer. “I thought the bloody heart, cell phone, and note from last night was enough.”

    “You have the phone with you?”

    “The one he gave me?” Tina questioned.

    “Yeah,” Will nodded. “Maybe that’s where the message is going to be.”

    Tina took the phone out of her pocket and looked at the screen, “nothing…”

    “What kind of car was he driving?”

    “Four door, silver Honda Civic… I gave Ivy the license plate and it came up as stolen 3 days ago.”

    “So, we can’t actually trace it and have it lead to something solid…” Will muttered. “I can have a couple of people go out and interview the person’s who car was stolen-see if they’ve seen anything.”

    “Highly doubtful… just our luck,” Tina whispered as she began to type up her report again. “You get anything?”

    Will shook his head at the blonde as he took out his phone. “Nada.”

    “I’m gonna call Delia…see if she got anything.” Tina said as she got out her work phone. Pressing one, she waited patiently.

    “Hey,” Delia said as she was munching on some grapes.

    “Did you receive anything since last night?” Tina questioned as she watched Will lean back in his seat and covered his eyes.

    “Uhh… not that I’m aware of. Why? What happened?”

    “I was on my way to meet AJ and I noticed a car was following me. I tricked him and was able to sneak out of my car and hide. Whoever it was left a note saying to expect a message.”

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    1. I love this story! While watching Criminal Minds I often wondered how the members of the BAU survived emotionally after working through some of the most gruesome murders that were portrayed in the series. Now I know the profilers must rotate, there are multiple teams across the country but letting go of the sights and sounds….I know I couldn’t do it so I am really happy there are people who can. Just think about the amount of debriefing they must go through to sleep at night. Well, I am glad Tina and Bette are talking about some things….but what about Tina’s kidnapping and torture? When will Bette come clean on Kelly? Waiting patiently Kylie!! NOT!! PPS

      • Come on now! I cannot just give everyone the details that reside in my mind at the same time, that wouldnt be very fun ;) One must be patient!

        Tina will find out about Kelly.
        Bette will find out about Tina’s past.

        But will the info come from each other? ;)

        Glad you’re enjoying it (and that you’re a fan of criminal minds!)

    2. I see that Tina even more cheater than Bette. She basically don’t have relationship with partner which she not cheated later. She cheated Eric with Bette, she cheated Bette with on-line guy and Josh, she cheated
      Helena with Bette, she cheated Henry with Helena.
      She obviously have some problems – she have relationship than she cheated, than she jumps in another relationship and the story repeat. She never be alone long time – and that very strange

      • I never said that Tina cheated on Henry with Helena. In terms of the whole cheating on Helena with Bette situation (I’m assuming you’re using the season 2 dialogue). It was obvious that Tina and Helena were not exclusive; therefore, one can see another person at the same time.

        Tina’s past never really said anything about hoping from one relationship to the next. I didnt go into exact detail because I didnt think that I had too, but overall, one can go on a few dates with someone, then not see them again. Relationships exist in all different forms. I’m sure Bette has a list of women that she was with prior to Tina.

        And Bette sure had her own fair share of cheating, so let’s not start calling Bette a saint.

        • About Henry – you wrote near the end of relationship, not after. So for me it’s still cheating. About Helena in s2 – Tina and Helena never discussed that they not exclusive until Tina slept with Bette and tell Helena that she want date with Bette. For me when Helena after that words tell her that they not exclusive – it’s just mask because she was hurt.
          And third – i never wrote that Bette saint:-) Basically she very far from that. But i think when many of fans or writers calling Bette cheater ( it is obviously true) but they all forgetting that Tina cheater too. Even IC in TLW forgot about that. In s6 in very beautiful scene in the car after hospital when Bette promise that she never ever cheat Tina again – why Tina didn’t promise the same?

          • I’ll guess I’ll have to clear it up a bit more, but Tina didn’t cheat on Henry with Helena.

            Helena had that one girl (I forgot her name) in the second season as well.

            Tina sure does have her own faults, but I wouldnt necessarily categorize them as more than Bette. I think they are on pretty equal footing in their cheating scandals. Tina’s cheating on Bette in the third season was a bit interesting to say the least. I believe she cheated in a low-key way (IM-ing a mysterious man), but if my memory serves me correctly, Bette told her to go explore those feelings. So in some way, she kind of gave Tina permission. Not saying Tina should have done it, but it is different from cheating on your life partner of 7 years without the other knowing about it.

            Just my input. :)

            • Forget about Henry and Helena – we can live without specification:-) We love Tibette and hate when they in relationship with others:-)
              I agree with you about Tina in s3 – most betrayal was her cheating with on-line guy. After that Josh – so-so.
              By the way why Tina broke up with Helena second time but after that hook up with Brenda?

              • I agree about that. Seeing Tina or Bette with anyone else in a romantic sense is just…not right.

                Tina broke it off with Helena before Brenda. I might add why later on (not a huge deal). I have a couple reasons in mind as to why she broke it off with her, but we’ll see which reason wins ;)


    3. Great chapter!!

      That was a much needed talk between Bette and Tina, it cleared some questions we asked in the previous chapters.

      Wonder how Bette is going to cope with the fact that Tina can die doing this job, i am not sure i could handle it, but i would try to enjoy every day i could spend with her.

      I love Greyson as father figure, i was a little surprised Bette opened up to him about Kelly, at the other side he is the dad and seems a very smart and kind man who knows Tina very well. He gave Bette very good advice and view how Tina would react when Bette tells her about the pass Kelly made on her and the video.

      Kylie, i hope you did well on your exams!!!

      • Awh thank you! I did pretty well (2 A, 1 B) :) so I am happy about that.

        I love writing Greyson. I hope that he can sort of be like a father figure, not only to Tina, but to Bette as well since Melvin passed.

        I figured for this chapter, we needed to clear a few things up. The next chapter on the other hand… it will have a bit of a cliffhanger ;)

        Hope you had a great week!

      • bibi28, love when U leave comments whether on this really suspenseful drama or elsewhere. Pretty much all I have to say is Amen sister!!

        Still wondering how the team is gonna narrow down where & when that murderous f*u^ck will pounce!!! He has tabs on everyone of value in Tina’s life whether in DC or LA

    4. First off, thank you so much for another great chapter!! And second, I’m ready to weigh in now lol.

      Bette is right. Tina really has done nothing wrong with Helena, and as disturbed as I was previously hearing that Helena is still in love with her because they had gotten together again really doesn’t matter because in the end, Tina chose Bette, and is with her.

      The only reason why this has impact is because Helena became a part of the group and therefore they all still have to see each other and are friends. Now if we were discussing Bette’s exes on the other hand… *Hint Bette don’t you still have something to tell Tina??

      Alright I’m ready to dive into whoever is after Tina now though! You’ve answered *most* of my questions in these chapters so far. Can’t wait for the next post!!

    5. That chapter hit me like a freight train with the discussion about past relationships. I can feel Bette’s insecurity over the pathologist and even more the fact that Tina may not return to LA permanently. If she tried to come back she will always be at the beck and call of the BAU and will be doing more traveling. One thing is for sure. Bette’s and Helena’s relationship will never be the same. Bette will always be suspicious of her.

    6. Another amazing chapter Kylie!
      I’m glad they are talking and while they have so much more to talk about, it’s progress.

      I that Tina doesn’t want to tell Bette too much cause she just wants to protect her.
      But Bette wants to protect Tina too

      Looking forward to the next one! ;)

      • Since Tibette have been handling confessions as mature adults, now is as good a time as any for Bette to share the Kelly/jEnny video w/Tina, she’ll believe Bette even tho the video will be hard to view.

        Just feel like Tina needs all her energy focused on capturing the murderous stalker

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