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    Press Report

    The New York Times





    As the USA goes to the polls after a clean fight on one side and a very dirty fight on the other it is becoming clear that Democratic nominee Tina Kennard is set to win.

    Kennard has played a very fair and clean fight to head towards the White House with her policy’s being clearly ear marked. She’s made it very clear on where she stands on issues such as education reform, the heath system, climate change and now criminal justice matters.

    The Republician’s have gone for dirty fight trying to undermine Kennard at every turn. In the Presidential debate which took place two days ago, President Michaels decided to throw every thing at Kennard, she came across with grace as she explained she didn’t want to further talk about what happened to her at UCLA and when he brought up her wife Bette Porter’s affair she simply looked at him and said ‘I’m on my first marriage, not my fifth like you. I know my wife is in my love me and is committed to me can you say the same?”

    The nations heart have been unlocked by Kennard who appears to be listening to the people. She is rarely seen in public or at rally’s without her wife. Her honestly about being scared after the UCLA attack has made people see a more human side to her.

    President Michael’s who is set to become a one term President if defeated by Kennard tweeted last night ‘You should all vote the correct way and that correct way is to re-elect me and my party for us to make this country great. Kennard will overspend, over promise and cry her way to the polls.’

    Kennard on the other hand used twitter to send out a message of peace ‘As polling days starts, I believe the right choices will be made. I believe in peace, I believe in freedom and I believe in love. see you on the others #pleasevote’

    Porter, Kennard’s wife also tweeted, ‘Life is always changing and challenges are set to try us. I’m voting are you? #Vote’

    Polling stations across the USA are now open and we should shortly know who the winner is.

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    1. Thank you for this part!

      So, she’s won! But i think the most difficult part is ahead – and this part called try to do what you promised in your program. Almost all failed.

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