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    That Was Close

    “You should tell her,” Will shrugged.

    “You ever tell your ex-wife?” Tina asked, raising her brow in question. “It’s the same reason as mine.”

    Will chuckled, “touché.”

    Delia looked towards the metal door that wasn’t completely closed; a dim light shone through the crack. “We going in?”

    Tina looked at her, “we have no other choice. It’s either we do this willingly or we wake up with a pounding headache, strapped to a chair.”

    “I’d rather not have a headache, thanks,” Will muttered, brushing Delia aside and opening the metal door, hearing the creak echo through the darkness.

    Walking inside, “this place looks to be almost completely gutted,” Tina whispered, squinting her eyes to try and make out what was down the hallway.

    “Just keep your eyes open,” Delia said, turning around and looking down the other way. “There obviously isn’t just one person involved in this.”

    “Especially now,” Will added, opening up another pathway. “No person would want to face 3 trained profilers by themselves.”

    “Then there are at least 3 people here,” Tina muttered, fixed on a shining object swinging. “Do you guys see that?”

    “What?” Will asked, coming behind the blonde and looking down the same dark hallway.

    “Something is sparkling…” Tina softly spoke, watching the object swing back and forth.

    “Which way should we go?” Delia asked, still staring down the opposite end of the long narrow hallway.

    “This may sound stupid,” Tina mumbled, “but I think we have to split up.”

    “What?” Will asked, shaking his head. “Nah- that’s a terrible idea.”

    “I think she is right,” Delia said, pointing to the wall. “My name is here.”

    Tina turned around to see Delia’s name printed on the concrete wall. Turning around, she saw her own name written on a brick, swinging in the window.

    Will turned around to hear the door creak open and noticed his name spray-painted on the floor, “Ah-shit.”

    “Look, if anything happens we can just call one another, okay?” Tina asked, already walking down the hallway. “I have a feeling this isn’t the spot.”

    Will and Delia nodded, “careful, Ken! You’re his primary target,” Will shouted before walking into his door.

    Delia took a deep breath and turned around, “this is just perfect…” she mumbled, shaking her head before disappearing in the darkness.


    1. You, m’lady, are one helluva writer!! I just know that you have all of us readers perched on the edge of our seats awaiting the next chapter of this thriller!! I also believe we (your fans) want to see this evil, deranged, monster eradicated in the most painful manner possible, ASAP, ending his horrific reign of terror. Please keep our beloved Tina 😘 and all those she loves, safe and unharmed! As you can see, I am really into this exciting tale of suspense and mystery. I do have unanswered questions at this point. What video is Bette afraid for Tina to see? Does the depraved killer have an accomplice in collecting all this private personal information? Why does Tina continue to follow his instructions and fall into his traps when she is aware of his MO and likely outcome of doing so? How did he get close enough to kill, so horrendously, her former lovers? How did he escape his incarceration to renew his seriously pathologic ways?

      • First, thank you for the comment :) must appreciated.
        1. The video of Bette and Kelly is the tape.
        2. it’s mentioned that there are a few more people than just him.
        3. Tina does remember a few things that have happened in the past, but she also remembers who was hurt as a result. The UnSub’s MO has changed- instead of threats, he has proven that he will harm.
        4. We’ll just have to see ;)
        5. It wasn’t mentioned that he was incarcerated- it was just a thought to explain why he waited so long.

        Glad you’re enjoying the story!

    2. Wow, this guy is a lunatic. How can he keep coming so close to all those that Tina loves? I’m beginning to think he is someone in the bureau. How else can he know so much about Tina and her life, unless he has cameras all over her home, office, and has someone following her 24/7. I am just too confused. This is brutal, but I still can’t wait to see what happens next. I hope no one is hurt too badly and Bette and Tina make it through this fresh new hell. Please post soon.

    3. So many questions but I know in time they’ll be answered!!! This guy is all kinds of messed up and it’s interesting that he still gives a ‘way out’ for each of his little games. Makes you really wonder what Tina endured the first time!

      Thanks again Kylie and PPS!!

    4. Oh god Kylie, this is such a incredible story!!!

      How is it possible that man knows so much about Tina and her friends, family ? Like OneStorm1 said, there must be a insider.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

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