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    Alice looked at Bette like she was crazy, was she really telling her what she thought she was telling her. was this really happening was the player Porter finally being taken over by a woman.

    “You are joking right?” Alice’s voice was a gasp.

    “About what?” Bette picked up her cup of coffee hovering it just in front of her lips not really taking a sip but trying to hide the grin that was taking over her face.

    “You’ve met a woman in New York, who lives in Los Angeles, so you decided in your wisdom to move back to Los Angeles to a community you were trying to getaway from just to be with her?”

    “I wasn’t trying to getaway from anything Alice and you know that.”

    “Okay you were trying to getaway from one woman you moved to New York it was drastic.”

    “She broke my heart, she also decided that she wanted to out me to everybody What I get up to in the bedroom is private.”

    “Yeah it’s so private we all know about it.” Alice said laughing slightly, she was nervous she should know better than to wind up Bette but she was going to do it anyway.

    “Please don’t,” Bette said “I mean it’s Alice my life behind closed doors is private. It’s all very new to Tina I don’t want to scare her off,”

    “Have you um?” Alice stumbled over words she wasn’t sure how to say it. she knew what Bette likes between the sheets  she wasn’t interested herself but she totally understood that this was something that Bette craved and needed .

    “Have I what?” Bette find me took a stripper for coffee enjoying the rich taste in her mouth. putting the mug down he sat back in her chair and folded her arms. taking in her oldest friend.

    “You know, tidy down and fucked her,” Alice decided just to be blunt about it.

    “It’s none of your business but yes,”

    “And you want her to move in, you’ve known her less than a month and you want her to move into your house. that private place that you don’t let anybody else into and now suddenly you meet a woman in New York bam she’s in the house,”

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    1. Great story,

      Hope that they can build their relationship in peace.

      Bette being back in LA can be a recipe to a lot of problems esspecialy if they encounter the woman who broke Bette’s heart.

    2. Ok so Bette told Tina not to say a word what happened in play room stays in play room and she would do the same. And Bette bigging the strong in charge mistress just blabbed everything in a crowded cafe.. but Tina is suppose to trust her… I know it’s just Shane and Alice but still. Sorry my Mind works over time sometimes. Thank you

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