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    The Annex-Chapter 1

    August 2009

    West Hollywood

    The sounds of different conversations mingled and danced in the air as the typical morning rush crowd gathered at the Planet. Sitting stoically and staring at the blinking cursor on the screen of her laptop was all Alice could do as the Planet patrons enjoyed their morning lattes and coffee. Giving up and feeling helpless Alice pounded her fist on the table slamming her laptop screen down to shut it and leaned back in her chair.

    ”Damn you Bette and Tina..Since you two left nothing has been the same” Alice mumbled angrily as Kit passed by her table and placed a hand on Alice’s shoulder.

    ”Who or what is eating you baby girl” Kit asked as Alice sighed and shook her head.

    ”Well no one at the moment since Tasha is away training at the police academy” Alice answered in her usual sarcastic way.

    Kit rolled her eyes and slapped Alice on the shoulder wanting a different answer.

    ”It’s your sister leaving and going to New York with Tina. I mean after Dana died we all were here and stuck together. It’s been hard and after Jenny’s death even though they ruled that her death was an accident, Bette and Tina still chose to leave for New York so Tina could take that job. They took my Earth daughter with them and Helena is always busy here or at the Hit or with Dawn Dembo’s ex lover Cindy. Shane took off to San Diego when Carmen contacted her after Jenny’s death. Max left with Tom after Tom wanted him back and had their baby. That just sounds so weird to say. And my Tasha is gone and I’m all alone.

    Kit smiled and pulled out a chair to sit and took Alice’s hand.

    ”Baby girl? Why don’t you take some time and go visit Bette and Tina in New York. You know they are settling in and haven’t had much time to call. It’s been hard without everyone here but you know it doesn’t mean you can’t go to them” Kit said in her reassuring tone.

    Alice turned her head and gave Kit a slight smile

    ”Yeah I suppose I could. But I can’t right now. I’m pitching ideas to the studio for my show and it’s just not a good time.” Alice sighed

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    1. Hey jlr921:

      Welcome back, I like your story; I was thinking something similar when the 6 season ended, and after Ilene Chaiken said she regretted “killing” Dana, I was wondering if the show would continue, maybe it could be as you are writing; “what if Dana didn’t die and neither Jenny”. This is getting really interesting. Thanks for this chapter and I will wait for the next one eagerly.


    2. Welcome back!

      This is a very interesting story and i love it! Even when Jenny is dead she is causing a lot of trouble.
      And Dana alive 😮 wow, what is the reason she would fake her death.

      I have a lot questions and will wait eagerly for the answers i hope you will give.

      Thank you for the update!

    3. Welcome back with this interesting and intriguing story.

      Have now got up to speed and look forward to your ‘at least weekly’ updates.

      Please post soon to start and answer the questions in my mind.

      Thanks for the post.

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