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    The Apartment

    Tina felt her breath hitch in her throat as she looked around the large apartment. It was a beautiful apartment, the walls filled with expensive art. Large windows looking out onto the New York skyline. She could feel her body shaking, she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t sure she could really do this. She had gone to a strangers apartment. No one knew she was here. She gasped as she heard the front door close behind her. she closed her eyes for a moment. She could smell Bette, smell her perfume.

    “Are you okay?” Bette asked softly. Walking up behind Tina. She took her in. the way the dress clung to her ass. She wanted to touch her. she wanted to make her hers.

    “I’m not sure,” Tina whispered.

    “Can I get you a drink? A glass of water anything?”

    “Water would be good thank you, erm…”

    “You were expecting me to dive straight in. I can see you’re nervous. You’re very young, how old are you?”

    “Twenty-four.” Tina said softly.

    “Okay, I’m thirty-five.”

    “You’ve got more experience than me.”

    “I might do but it doesn’t change that this is your first time doing this. I understand I’ve been very blunt with you. I’ve brought you to my apartment. I don’t normally do that. The women I take, I usual sleep with at the club or in their apartment or hotel.” Bette went into the large open plan kitchen and got a bottle of water from the fridge, she filled a glass and took it Tina who was still standing in the living room.

    Tina took the glass and thanked her for her before taking a slow drink of it. She looked around and put the glass onto the coffee table. She was still clutching her purse.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” Bette asked again.

    Tina looked at this woman, a woman she found more attractive than she’d ever found anyone. Her heart was racing. She looked around the expensive, lovely apartment. She then looked back at the woman in front of her. wearing a lovely expensive suit. She was removing the jacket and slowly taking off her cuff links. Everything she did was perfect. She was sexy, her dark eyes showing her lust. Tina found she could read this woman. She felt an affection for this woman she’d never felt for anyone.

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