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    The Art Opening

    Bette walked along the gallery, checking the pieces that were being installed. Tonight was a big opening for the gallery. She wanted this to go perfectly, for her, the artist and for gallery.

    She walked over to the buffet that James was making sure was perfect.

    “Everything in place?” Bette asked.

    “Yeah, nearly. The wine company has just arrived. We’ve had the usual amount of last minute RSVPs. The pieces look amazing,”

    “They are, this artist is up and coming.”

    “Do you think Tina will have another show?” James asked, looking at his boss.

    “She is happily selling online, as she doesn’t feel the pressure of doing a show.”


    “Yeah, when an artist gets a show they don’t usually have all the pieces to make the show. They have to make more, in Tina’s case she paints, draws or takes photos when she feels like it. When she gets an idea she will run with it, I don’t want the pressure of anything on her. She is doing well at the moment.” Bette didn’t want to admit that Tina’s anger at her at the moment was fuelling a lot of her work, the pieces were stunning and full of rage.

    “She’s such a hot artist right now I was reading an article online the other day which says she the number 3 top young artist in the world.”

    “What article?” Bette frowned. No one had told her or Tina about it.

    “I will get it for you,” James opened his phone and found the article and passed it to Bette.

    “Tina Kennard is one of the hottest artist out there right now. Her work is sold mainly online via Kennard is rarely seen in public and hasn’t had a show since her show on MoCa in New York. She is worth around $30million.” Bette read aloud, “You do know the worth bit is wrong,”

    “I guessed that. But She’s popular. You must know that.”

    “I do, her pieces sell out so quickly. I’m shocked sometimes. But I can’t push her into a show.” Bette looked around the gallery after passing James his phone back.

    “I get that,” James said slowly.

    The door opened and Candice walked back in. she smiled at Bette and winked before moving off. James saw and saw that Bette didn’t even react.

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    1. Way to go Tina, i certainly not applaud violence but Candace deserved that slap across the face.

      So Jodi set this up to try to break their marriage. Let’s see what Bette comes up with to finally get her away from their life.

      Love this chapter!

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